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October 2013 at the Stone 
curated by Elliott Sharp / William Parker / Erik Friedlander / Steve Bernstein / Eugene Chadbourne

OCT 1—6

10/1 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Mare Undarum
E# (guitar) Fung Chern Hwei, Gregor Huebner (violins) Ron Lawrence (viola) Jeremy Harman (cello)
E# + Sirius Quartet performs world premiere of the graphic score Mare Undarum. TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Melvin Gibbs (bass) Anton Fier (drums) E# (guitar, electronics)
Bootstrappers improvising electric trio. TWENTY DOLLARS

10/2 Wednesday (GCP)
8 pm
Jenny Lin plays E# piano works
Jenny Lin (piano)
Jenny Lin plays E# piano works including Oligosono, Suberrebus, and the world premiere of IX—for Iannis Xenakis. TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Duo Improvisations with Nels Cline and E#
Nels Cline (guitar) E# (guitar)

10/3 Thursday (GCP)
8 pm
E# (guitar, electronics)
A new work for solo electric guitar and electronics — US premiere.

10 pm
All-Guitar SyndaKit
Angela Babin, Cristian Amigo, Debra Devi, James Ilgenfritz, Zach Layton, Ben Tyree, Marco Cappelli, Zachary Pruitt, David Grubbs, On Ka’a Davis, Marc Sloan (guitars)

10/4 Friday (TY)
8 pm
Christopher Otto, Ari Streisfeld (violins) John Pickford Richards (viola) Kevin McFarland (cello)
World premiere of Tranzience plus performance of “The Boreal.” TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Aggregat Trio
Brad Jones (bass) Don McKenzie (drums) E# (tenor sax, soprano sax, guitar)

10/5 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Orchestra Carbon performs Quarks Swim Free
Danny Tunick (percussion) Jenny Lin (piano) Kevin Ray, Reuben Radding (basses) Judith Insell, Jessica Pavone (violas) Rachel Golub (violin) Darius Jones (sax) Curtis Fowlkes, Terry Greene (trombones)

10 pm
Orchestra Carbon performs Flexagons
Danny Tunick (percussion) Jenny Lin (piano) Kevin Ray (bass) Reuben Radding (bass) Judith Insell (viola) Rachel Golub (violin) Darius Jones (sax) Jessica Pavone (viola) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Terry Greene (trombone)

10/6 Sunday (HM)
8 pm
E# plays Monk
E# (solo acoustic guitar)

10 pm
E# plays Momentum Anomaly
E# (solo acoustic guitar)

OCT 8—13

10/8 Tuesday (ICS)
8 pm
Refugee Songs
William Parker (bass) Roy Campbell (trumpet) Kris Davis (piano)

10 pm
Painters Autumn
William Parker (bass) Daniel Carter (alto, tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet, trumpet, flute) Cooper-Moore (piano) Hamid Drake (drums)

10/9 Wednesday (RJP)
8 pm
Theatre of Lanterns
Rob Brown (alto sax) Greg Ward (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Steve Swell (trombone) Cooper-Moore (piano) Hamid Drake (drums) William Parker (bass)
World premier of both this ensemble and the composition “Peoples James.” “The theatre of lanterns ends a 40 year search for the sounds that escaped when the sky turned into sound and all the rainbows were set free.”

10 pm
William Parker Solo
William Parker (solo bass and pre–recorded tape)
Dedicated to Earl Freeman.

10/10 Thursday (DDT)
8 pm
In Order to Survive
Rob Brown (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Cooper-Moore (piano) Hamid Drake (drums) William Parker (bass)

10 pm
Raining on the Moon
William Parker (bass) Leena Conquest (voice) Rob Brown (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Eri Yamamoto (piano) Hamid Drake (drums)

10/11 Friday (DDT)
8 and 10 pm
O’Neal’s Porch Quartet
William Parker (bass) Rob Brown (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Hamid Drake (drums)

10/12 Saturday (HM)
8 pm
William Parker Quartet with poet David Budbill
David Budbill (poetry) William Parker (bass) Rob Brown (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Hamid Drake (drums)

10 pm
In Remembrance of Kathleen Wilkins
William Parker (doson ngoni, shakuhachi) Patricia Nicholson (dance, poetry) Hamid Drake (percussion)

OCTOBER 13 and 14
Apologies for the inconvenience.

OCT 15—20

10/15 Tuesday (RK)
8 pm
Block Ice & Propane
Erik Friedlander (cello)
Cellist Erik Friedlander draws on his experiences as a child traveling across the United States with his family during the 1960s and ’70s to create Block Ice & Propane, an engaging solo performance that brings together Erik’s rich, Americana-inspired cello music, and his own stories from now-distant road trips.

10 pm
Volac—Music by John Zorn
Erik Friedlander (cello)
Volume 8 in the continuing “Book of Angels” series is an intimate and breathtaking recital by one of the world’s most accomplished cellists. A vital member of the Masada family from the very beginning, Erik Friedlander has hypnotized audiences both here and in Europe with his own bands Topaz, Broken Arm and Grains of Paradise. Stepping out in a special solo project, Erik shows off his remarkable technique in ten compositions from Zorn’s lyrical “Book of Angels.” This is Erik at his best.

10/16 Wednesday (SHH)
8 pm
Claws & Wings (premiere)
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Ikue Mori (electronics) Erik Friedlander (cello)
This new work is written in memory of Erik’s late wife. He, along with his daughter, were left to ponder how to make sense of the loss, and how to move on. The music strongly resonates with Erik’s mind-set at the time: meditating on a life lost, regaining his balance, and then moving forward with optimism. Claws & Wings.

10 pm
Mass Cello
Erik Friedlander, Jeffrey Ziegler, Greg Heffernen (cellos) and many special guests
New and old works for multiple celli—this will be a fun night! Guests include Jeffrey Ziegler, Christopher Hoffman, Greg Heffernen, and others! Works by Julius Hemphill, Imogen Heap, Friedlander and Verdi.

10/17 Thursday (RJP)
8 pm
Broken Arm Trio
Michael Sarin (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass) Erik Friedlander (cello)
In 1949 bassist Oscar Pettiford broke his arm playing baseball. He could still move his fingers even though his arm was in a sling, so he began experimenting with a cello a friend had lent to him. He tuned the cello like a bass only an octave higher and later made history recording a series of cello-led projects including the great, under-recognized 1964 Fantasy release, “My Little Cello” featuring a photo of his newborn son whom he named “Cello.” Erik Friedlander tosses away his bow for this new band, playing only pizzicato in a world steeped in the influences of Oscar Pettiford and the small group feel of Herbie Nichols.

10 pm
Oscar Pettiford Project with Michael Blake
Erik Friedlander (cello) Michael Sarin (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass) Michael Blake (tenor sax)
A special tribute to jazz bassist (and cellist!) Oscar Pettiford. When you are an improvising cellist, there is not so much history to look back upon and contemplate. Unlike saxophone players or guitar players who have a long line of titans to measure themselves against, jazz cello players are more or less on their own. However, there is Oscar Pettiford. Pettiford tuned the cello like a bass so he’d be instantly familiar with where the notes lay, and he was passionate about the instrument, using it often in crucial sessions under his name—if it was an Oscar Pettiford recording the cello was often there in a central role. Joining the Broken Arm Trio is special guest Michael Blake on tenor, performing Pettiford works like “Tamalpais” and “Night at Falcon’s Lair,” as well as Friedlander originals.

10/18 Friday (DS)
8 pm
Erik Friedlander (cello) Chris Speed (clarinet) Andrew D’Angelo (bass clarinet) and a special guest bass player
Friedlander’s first working band. This amazing acoustic improvising quartet will reunite to perform for the first time since the late ’90s, performing works from Chimera (Avant) and The Watchman (Tzadik)…a mesmerizing tour through the dark corridors of modern jazz.

10 pm
Andy Laster (saxophone) Erik Friedlander (cello) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion) Stomu Takeishi (bass)
Friedlander’s working band until 2006, the Topaz quartet will perform from their 4 releases including the Cryptogramophone releases, Prowl and Quake. “Prowl presents cellist Erik Friedlander's Topaz quartet for a set of rhythmic excursions that are as adventurous as they are accessible.”

10/19 Saturday (DS)
8 and 10 pm
Bonebridge (premiere)
Erik Friedlander (cello) Doug Wamble (slide-guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass) Michael Sarin (drums)
Friedlander will premier their new cd, “NightHawks” Bonebridge turns to the American South for inspiration. Taking a cue from his teenage passion for The Allman Brothers Band, Johnny Winter, and Southern rock in general, Friedlander brought in slide-guitar player and Memphis native Doug Wamble to share the front line of this new quartet. Wamble joins a honed unit as Friedlander, Mike Sarin (drums) and Trevor Dunn (bass) have played together in New York City for years, most recently in the Broken Arm Trio. “Mr. Friedlander, an ingenious cellist who makes an art of soulful rusticity.”

10/20 Sunday (BK)
8 pm
Nothing On Earth (premiere)
Shoko Nagai (piano, accordion) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion) Erik Friedlander (cello)
A new trio formed to record music for the soundtrack Friedlander composed for Nothing on Earth, a film by Mick Angus which follows photographer Murray Fredericks to the stark and beautiful landscape of the icecap in Greenland. Friedlander, Nagai and Takeishi capture the mood as Fredericks relocates his work to the Greenland Icecap—atop a melting glacier and under the solar storms of the Aurora Borealis—he finds himself alone in a landscape he’s never been, in a place he doesn’t understand, hoping this time he hasn’t taken his quest too far.

10 pm
No Compass: Solter Resets Friedlander (premiere)
Scott Solter (electronics) Erik Friedlander (cello)
Producer Scott Solter has worked with numerous indie artists, including Spoon, The Mountain Goats, John Vanderslice, Lazarus, The Forms, Pattern is Movement, Superchunk, Okkervil River, Liam Singer, and St Vincent. He and cellist Erik Friedlander team up to bring you the first live performance of No Compass, the five-track remix EP released earlier this year. Friedlander and Solter have worked together since they met in 2006 working with The Mountain Goats on the Sunset Tree project. Their first effort together was Block Ice & Propane, Friedlander’s 2007 solo release.

OCT 22—27

10/22 Tuesday (ICS)
8 and 10 pm
Diaspora Special Edition
Steven Bernstein (trumpets) Peter Apfelbaum (saxophone) Arturo O'Farrill (piano) Brad Jones (bass) Billy Martin (drums,percussion)

10/23 Wednesday (BLG)
8 pm
Sexmob plays Sexotica
Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet) Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10 pm
Sex Mob plays Nino Rota
Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet) Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10/24 Thursday (SK)
8 and 10 pm
Millennial Territory Orchestra meets Eric Mingus
Charlie Burnham (violin) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Doug Wieselman (clarinet) Paul Shapiro (tenor) Erik Lawrence (baritone) Will Bernard (guitar) Ben Allison (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums) Eric Mingus (vocals)

10/25 Friday (SC)
8 and 10 pm
Millennial Territory Orchestra plays the Stone arrangements
Charlie Burnham (violin) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Doug Wieselman (clarinet) Michael Blake (tenor) Erik Lawrence (baritone) Will Bernard (guitar) Ben Allison (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)
Steven Bernstein wrote a new arrangement for every show in their 13 week run in 2013…they still have that “new car” smell!

10/26 Saturday (JR)
8 pm
Sexmob plays Ellington
Steven Bernstein(slide trumpet) Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10 pm
Sexmob and friends
Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet) Briggan Krauss (sax) Tony Scherr (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

10/27 Sunday (HM)
8 and 10 pm
Cantorial Brass
Steven Bernstein, Frank London (trumpets, flugelhorn, alto horn) Jamie Saft (keyboards) Kenny Wollesen (drums, vibes, percussion)

OCT 29—NOV 3

10/29 Tuesday (KR)
8 and 10 pm
Doc Chad Solo
Eugene Chadbourne (guitars, banjo, voice)
World Premiere “From the Dreamory.”

10/30 Wednesday (SC)
8 and 10 pm
Music of Merle Haggard
Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, banjo, vocals) Bryan Haggard, Aaron Irwin (saxes) Jon Lundborn (guitar, banjo) Moppa Elliot (bass) Jason Tiemann (drums)
Eugene Chadbourne with Bryan and the Haggards.

10/31 Thursday (JA)
8 and 10 pm
The Doc Chad All Dead Jazz and Pop All Stars
Eugene Chadbourne as Jimmy Carl Black (guitar, banjo, voice) Evan Gallagher as Thelonious Monk (piano) Thomas Heberer as Muggsy Spanier (trumpet) Tatsuya Nakatani as Johnny Cash (percussion, voice) Louie Pearlman as Cab Calloway(ukulele, voice) Barry Mitterhof as Jethro Burns (mandolin) and special surprise guests