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December 2011 at the Stone 
curated by Tim Berne / Yale Evelev

Screwgun was founded by Tim Berne and has since released many live recordings, string quartets, work by Berne’s bandmates and many others. Packaging is beautifully distinctive and designed by Steve Byram.

12/1 Thursday (KR)
8 pm
Dan Weiss, Marc Ducret and Tim Berne Trio
Dan Weiss (drums) Marc Ducret (guitar) Tim Berne (sax)

10 pm
The Music of Marc Ducret
Tim Berne (sax) Marc Ducret (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Matt Mitchell (piano)

12/2 Friday (KR)
8 pm
Tim Berne, Marc Ducret and Gerald Cleaver Trio
Marc Ducret (guitar) Tim Berne (sax) Gerald Cleaver (drums)

10 pm
The Music of Tim Berne
Tim Berne (sax) Marc Ducret (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Matt Mitchell (piano)

12/3 Saturday (KR)
8 pm
Marc Ducret Solo
Marc Ducret (guitar)

10 pm
The Music of Tim Berne and Marc Ducret
Tim Berne (sax) Ralph Alessi (trumpet) Marc Ducret (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Matt Mitchell (piano)

12/4 Sunday (KR)
8 pm
David Torn and Dave King
David Torn (guitar) Dave King (drums)

10 pm
Tim Berne (sax) David Torn (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

A Benefit for the Creative Music Studio
Ending their 8 month residency at The Stone, Karl Berger presents a special Monday Night Concert of Modern Orchestral Music featuring some very special guest soloists. The 8pm set includes John Zorn on sax and Steve Bernstein on trumpet.

12/5 Monday
8 and 10 pm
The list of professional participants includes: Frederika Krier, David Bakridges (violins) Sylvain Leroux (flutes) Yukuri (alto flute) Ken Ya Kawaguchi (shakuhachi) David Sherr (clarinet) Michael Lytle (bass clarinet) Afram Fever (soprano sax) Mercedes Figueras, David Schnug (alto saxes) Stephen Gauci, Yuri Kretzmer, Darryl Foster (tenor saxes) Thomas Heberer, Herb Robertson, Brian Groder (trumpets) Steve Swell (trombone) Harvey Valdes, Kenny Wessel (guitars) Hilliard Greene, David Perrott, Adam Lane, Ken Filiano, Michael Bisio (basses) John Pietaro (percussions) Lou Grassi, Harris Eisenstadt (drums) Philip Foster (odds and ends) Mossa Bildner (vocals)
One of the trademarks of Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra is Ingrid Sertso’s uncanny vocalization and poetry. Guest soloist from the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Israel, Finland, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa joined the orchestra in past weeks.

12/6 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier & Mark Feldman 4tet
Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) John Hebert (bass) Billy Mintz (drums)

10 pm
Gerald Cleaver—Black Host
Darius Jones (alto) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Cooper-Moore (piano, diddly-bow) Eric Revis (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums)

12/7 Wednesday (CWL)
8 pm
Angelica Sanchez with Mark Helias
Angelica Sanchez (piano) Mark Helias (bass)

10 pm
Tim Berne/Baikida Carroll Wuartet
Baikida Carroll (trumpet) Tim Berne (sax) Ches Smith (drums) Trevor Dunn (bass)

12/8 Thursday (KR)
8 pm
Ches Smith and These Arches
Tony Malaby (tenor sax) Tim Berne (alto sax) Andrea Parkins (accordion) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)
An alternate line up of the band explores timbre-centric composition and improvisation.

10 pm
Tim Berne (sax) Oscar Noriega (sax) Matt Mitchell (piano) Ches Smith (drums)

12/9 Friday (NL)
8 pm
Chris Speed
Chris Speed (sax) Dave King (drums) Reid Anderson (bass)

10 pm
Tim Berne (sax) Oscar Noriega (sax) Matt Mitchell (piano) Ches Smith (drums)

12/10 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Mark Helias and Tony Malaby
Tony Malaby(saxophone) Mark Helias (bass)

10 pm
Tim Berne (sax) Oscar Noriega (sax) Matt Mitchell (piano) Ches Smith (drums) with special guest Trevor Dunn (bass)

12/11 Sunday (DDT)
8 pm
Jason Moran, Mark Helias and Tom Rainey
Jason Moran (piano) Mark Helias (bass) Tom Rainey (drums)

10 pm
Matt Mitchell—Central Chain
Tim Berne (saxophone) Oscar Noriega (bass clarinet) Mary Halvorson (guitar) John Hebert (bass) Tomas Fujiwara (drums) Matt Mitchell (piano)


12/13 Tuesday (DDT)
8 pm
Matt Mitchell and Dan Weiss
Matt Mitchell (pisno) Dan Weiss (drums)

10 pm
Herb Robertson with Ben Gerstein, Matt Mitchell, Dan Weiss and Tim Berne
Herb Robertson (trumpet) Ben Gerstein (trombone) Matt Mitchell (piano) Dan Weiss (drums) Tim Berne (sax)

12/14 Wednesday (DDT)
8 pm
Matt Maneri with Ed Schuller, Randy Peterson, Oscar Noriega, Craig Taborn
Matt Maneri (viola) Ed Schuller (bass) Randy Peterson (drums) Oscar Noriega (sax) Craig Taborn (piano)

10 pm
Michael Formanek Group
Michael Formanek (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums) Craig Taborn (piano) Tim Berne (sax)

In 1977 I worked in a record store, The Soho Music Gallery, of which John Zorn was a customer and then coworker. After work on some evenings we would go over to a space John had with Wayne Horvitz underneath a pet store called Exotic Aquatics. Most nights there would be improv shows with friends for whoever was around which was mostly other improvisors who were also friends. Sometimes the shows would be more formal and have sort of an audience. There was a red headed Romanian guy who recorded the shows if John was playing. Often no matter who was playing an older couple would be in the audience, Irving and Stephanie Stone. The Stone is named after them and to me is John’s way of recreating a sense of the community that is one reason NYC is different from so many other places. No matter what sort of thing you are into there are quite a few other people here also into it.

None of this has anything to do with Luaka Bop, the label David Byrne started in 1988. The idea of Luaka Bop has always been to release pop music no matter in what language or no matter from what country. We are not a world music label we are just attempting to release music that has a pop aesthetic but gets there in a different way. But for this series we have taken off on John Zorn’s core concept of community and programmed musicians who are in our community, though not necessarily on the label itself. We have asked people to do something different then they would normally do and to use this opportunity to experiment and work with others in our greater community.

12/15 Thursday (JM)
8 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and Elliot Bergman’s Metal Tongues
Elliot Bergman (electric kalimba) Chad Taylor (drums) Ben Vida (synth, guitar)
For the 1964 Worlds Fair the Indonesian Government brought to New York City a complete Javanese Gamelan. When the fair ended in 1965 the gamelan was left at the Indonesian Consulate to the UN. In 1983 Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation was formed to study and perform traditional Javanese music on this collection of instruments. A chamber-sized group will perform a short invocation this and the next three evenings. No funny hats will be worn.

Metal Tongues is Elliot Bergman (electric kalimba). With Chad Taylor and Ben Vida. Elliot is in what was an Afrobeat ensemble called Nomo. Metal Tongues however is an electric Kalimba ensemble and begins our attempt at matching unrelated/related groups to the gamelan ensemble.

10 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and Metal Tongues Big Band
Elliot Bergman (electric kalimba) Chad Taylor (drums) Ben Vida (synth, guitar) Justin Walter (EVI) Matt Bauder (tenor sax)
For the 1964 Worlds Fair the Indonesian Government brought to New York City a complete Javanese Gamelan. When the fair ended in 1965 the gamelan was left at the Indonesian Consulate to the UN. In 1983 Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation was formed to study and perform traditional Javanese music on this collection of instruments. A chamber-sized group will perform a short invocation this and the next three evenings. No funny hats will be worn.

Metal Tongues is Elliot Bergman (electric kalimba). With Chad Taylor and Ben Vida. Elliot is in what was an Afrobeat ensemble called Nomo. Metal Tongues however is an electric Kalimba ensemble and begins our attempt at matching unrelated/related groups to the gamelan ensemble.

12/16 Friday (JC)
8 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!
Among the things you are not allowed to at The Stone is dance. Neil Fridd/The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! leads what might be the most fun, most involving, most sincere, most genuine, open armed dance band on the planet. He is guaranteed to leave you feeling invigorated and happy and at one with the world at the end of every Terror Pigeon performance. It’s all about you. FIVE DOLLARS

10 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and Moss of Aura
Moss of Aura is Gerrit Welmers. In his spare time he is the keyboard player in a band we love called Future Islands. As Moss of Aura he is an electronic world creator. He does not perform as such often so please take this opportunity to be amazed.

12/17 Saturday (BS)
8 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and Kelly Pratt* and friends
Kelly Pratt (trumpet) and band
Kelly Pratt (trumpet) and band. Kelly Pratt has played in Beirut, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, and a host of other bands who want someone who can sing and play the shit out of a whole host of brass instruments. He is also the leader of a band on Luaka Bop called Bright Moments, whose record we have not yet released. In the early set this is what he says: “My idea for this is to play certain late compositions of John Coltrane, and give a little bit of a lecture on him between songs. Certainly more playing than talking, more like interesting tidbits between songs. It will be me on trumpet, Stuart Bogie on tenor, and Ryan Sawyer on drums. Stuart is in Superhuman Happiness and has played with Iron & Wine, TV on the Radio, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Scarlett Johansson and way too many others. Ryan, no shirker has played with or been in At the Drive-In, The Fiery Furnaces, Big Numbers, Galaxian, The Mekons, TV on the Radio, and Massive Attack.

10 pm
Bright Moments Trio
Bright Moments Trio We signed Kelly Pratt’s band Bright Moments though they have hardly played out much live as all of them are often on the road with others, see above. However for this Bright Moments Trio, Kelly with a stripped down band will extrapolate songs of happiness and heartache.

12/18 Sunday (YT)
8 and 10 pm
Gamelan Kusuma Laras Invocation and Lucky Dragons
Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara
Luke Fischbeck and Sarah Rara are Lucky Dragons. They are world famous. We tried to sign them once but they told us to go to hell. That didn’t stop us from loving what they do. They make electronic music that connects on an organic and human level that is as unique as it is compelling. In this regard they have no peer.

12/20 Tuesday (DS)
8 pm
Anand Wilder
Anand Wilder (guitar, keyboards) Steve Marion (guitar) Austin Fisher (keyboards)
Anand says “We are playing songs we have written just for this Stone performance, it’s going to be great!”

10 pm
George Langford & Tom Van Buskirk of Javelin* and friends
George says: I’ve got Ahmed Gallab from Yeasayer, Powpow from Man Man and Miho Hatori of Cibo Mato in for my Stone set. I’m gonna have Chris and Owen from Dearraindrop/Critter and Guitari do video synthesis of our jamz. Electronic drum circle rave cave.

Wednesday December 21
Tonight's performances have been cancelled
Unfortunately Michael Graves Anderson had to cancel tonight's performances at the last minute. We are very sorry for any inconvenience.

12/21 Wednesday
8 and 10 pm
CANCELLED- The Michael Graves Anderson Cinema- CANCELLED
Mike Anderson is a filmmaker who creates real world animation. He has never done a show that was not in front of a camera. It’s worth to see how this goes, no?

12/22 Thursday (TD)
8 and 10 pm
Sleepy Doug Shaw—HIGHLIFE
Dough Shaw is a blues shaman. He is English and for some reason, outside of the American South, the English have a corner on the Blues shaman thing. He plays guitar and performs also on harmonium and loops. Chants, field hollars, and guitar often in a palm wine style. And if you don’t know what that is come and find out, even if you do know.

Friday December 23
Luaka Bop Presents Dublab Presents
In the mid 1990’s Luaka Bop was based in David Byrne’s house in the West Village. We thought it would be a neat idea to start a pirate radio in the basement with an antenna on the roof broadcasting to the 20 block radius you were then allowed. Nowadays of course… Dublab is one of the best internet radio stations out there. Not only that they are amazing folks. We are honored to give over this day of our series and have them program it.

12/23 Friday (HB)
8 pm
Roberto Carlos Lange
Roberto Carlos Lange is a composer and sound artist born in South Florida and is the son of Ecuadorean immigrants. Growing up he was surrounded by tropical heat and hurricanes that represented the rich colors of sound and people living in South Florida. The sound of bass and late-night “peñas” in and around his house carved a deep foundation into his interest for sound and the things producing them. A visual and sonic artist, his Helado Negro project is particularly active at the moment.

10 pm
The Present
The Presant is lead by Rusty Samtos Rusty is a Record producer and Singer-songwriter based in New York City. He is known for producing, Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Born Ruffians’ Owen Pallett’s and others.

In summer of 2007, he started another recording project with his friend Mina, which eventually let to Mina, Santos and Lee founding the band The Present in April 2008. They released their debut World I See in following June on Lo Recordings and the Japanese label Easel Records. According to Santos, the album was entirely written and recorded in Stream-of-consciousness-style. In June they released the follow-up The Way We Are. http://www.myspace.com/thepresentnewyork


12/25 Sunday (MM)
8 and 10 pm
Yuka & MuKaSHi BaNaSHi
Yuka (voice) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Yuval Lion, Yonadav Halevy (drums)
Folktales from Japan.

12/27 Tuesday (JI)
8 and 10 pm
Steve Marion 3 Live Crew
Steve says “I’m going to jam with my friends who are in the band Banned Books — Zane Alexander, Matthew Dermond, Cameron Vance…probably a horn player or two at some point, really excited, don’t know how to describe it.”

12/28 Wednesday (YT)
8 pm
Since the inception of his new solo guitar project Hubble, Ben Greenberg of Zs and Pygmy Shrews has sought to exploit the guitar for its ulterior qualities, simultaneously displaying a true love for the instrument while redefining how guitar music is understood. Whether distortion-drenched or clean, Ben describes painstaking result as “cyber-dread”, an apocalyptic, beat-less quasi-electronic music, conjuring Terry Riley’s pulsing minimalist structures and Gregg Ginn’s aggressive, avant-garde rock. About the Hubble live performance, Ben expounds, “Every Hubble set, on a stage or in a friend’s basement or in my bedroom, is a concerted effort on my part to change the air in the room, to push it towards a state of greater resonance.” Using mesmerizing guitar mastery to create extended rhythmic patters of note groupings of varied tempo, dissonance, and harmony, Ben hypnotizes the audience with slowly developing, subtle variation, until the listener is lulled into a highly vivid dream state. The set varies between a versatile and simple set-up and the more ambitious Hubble Superposition, a quadraphonic experience that splits the guitar signal into four different signals which are routed through four separate amplifiers.

10 pm
Brother High Rara
Originating in Haïti, rara is a form of festival music used for street processions, typically during Easter Week. The music centers on a set of cylindrical bamboo trumpets called vaksen (which may also be made of metal pipes), but also features drums, maracas, güiras or güiros (a percussion instrument), and metal bells, as well as sometimes also cylindrical metal trumpets which are made from recycled metal, often coffee cans. The vaksen-s perform repeating patterns in hocket and often strike their instruments rhythmically with a stick while blowing into them. In the modern day, standard trumpets and saxophones may also be used. The genre though predominantly Afro-based has some Taino Amerindian elements to it such as the use of güiros. The songs are always performed in Haitian Kreyòl and typically celebrate the African ancestry of the Afro-Haïtian masses. Vodou is often implemented through the procession. Rara in Haiti is often used for political purposes, with candidates commissioning songs praising them and their campaigns. Rara lyrics also often address difficult issues, such as political oppression or poverty. Consequently, rara groups and other musicians have been banned from performing and even forced into exile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5luKN5CbClw&feature=player_embedded#!



12/29 Thursday (SK)
8 pm
Andy Gonzalez and Friends play the music of Arsenio Rodriguez
Andy Gonzalez’s percolating bass lines were on a large percentage of 1970s salsa recordings by the likes of Ray Barretto, Eddie and Charlie Palmieri, Johnny Pacheco, Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon and Chico O’Farrill. And in the 1980s Andy lead his own group the Fort Apache Band, a groundbreaking Bronx-based group he formed with his older brother, the great trumpeter and conguero Jerry Gonzalez.The could be the first time he has played a gig where he was the fetaured performer. It’s about time. Here he plays music daer to his heart that of the legendary Arsenio Rodriguez. Arsenio Rodriguez, one of the most important figures in Cuban music, was a prolific composer, tresero, percussionist, and bandleader whose innovations changed the face of Latin music and paved the way for what would eventually become known as salsa. He is considered the father of the conjunto, an instrumental format that was revolutionary for its time because it introduced the conga drum, which had previously been considered taboo because of its African origin. His compositions, many of which became standards of the Cuban and New York salsa repertoires, frequently emphasized Afro-Cuban, particularly Congolese, elements in their subject matter.

10 pm
Marc Ribot and John Zorn
Marc Ribot (guitar) John Zorn (sax)
At the last minute David Hidlago had to CANCEL his appearance at the STONE—so Ribot asked Zorn to come down for a rare DUO concert. Be there or be square! TWENTY DOLLARS

12/30 Friday (MM)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Matt Wilson (drums) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Uri Gurvich (sax) Okkyung Lee (cello) Sam Kulik (trombone) Frank London (trumpet) Tim Keiper (drums) Dave Taylor (trombone) Ned Rothenberg (sax) Roberto Rodriguez (percussion) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Chris Cochraane (guitar) Thurston Moore (guitar) and many special guests.
Come down and support the Stone at our annual end of the year BLOW OUT IMPROV! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS

12/31 Saturday (MM)
8 pm
John Zorn (sax) Marc Ribot (guitar) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Sam Kulik (trombone) Ned Rothenberg (sax) Terra Han (kayagum) Eyal Maoz (guitar) David Fulmer (violin) David Miller (drums) and many special guests!
Come down and bring in the NEW YEAR with our annual STONE rent party! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS

11 pm
Marc Ribot (guitar) Roy Campbell Jr (trumpet) Henry Grimes (bass) Chad Taylor (drums)
Ring in the New Year w/ SPIRITUAL UNITY when they perform a free ritual/jam that will lead through a midnight rendition of Albert Ayler’s masterpiece. Champagne toast included. SIXTY DOLLAR ADMISSION