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March 2009 at the Stone 
curated by Lukas Ligeti

3/1 Sunday (MP)
8 pm
Love Like DeLoreans
Lorna Krier (synthesizer) Peter Pearson (synthesizer) Derek Muro (synthesizer)

10 pm
Rupert Huber
Rupert Huber (piano, voices from laptop, piano electronics)
Concert for electric ghost vocals, acoustic piano and live electronic piano dubs.

3/3 Tuesday (TC)
8 pm
Marc Uys (violin) Jacqueline Kerrod (harp)
Recent commissions from a range of leading voices in contemporary South African music, including Braam du Toit, Neo Muyanga and Matthijs van Dijk.

10 pm
Dick/Radding/Ligeti Trio
Robert Dick (flutes) Reuben Radding (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
The trio of Robert Dick, Lukas Ligeti and Reuben Radding has improvised together over the last few years, playing at a number of NY venues, and has developed its own vibe and sound. The watchword is "intense", whether the music is high density, lyric or pointillistic.

3/4 Wednesday (DS)
8 and 10 pm
Raoul Björkenheim & Lukas Ligeti Duo
Raoul Björkenheim (guitar) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
Performing as a duo since 2003, Raoul Björkenheim and Lukas Ligeti have developed an intuitive, innovative language of interplay based on a wide range of influences, especially from non-Western musics, which they integrate seamlessly into their improvisational dialogue full of polymetric layerings, sudden beautiful melodies, and a whirlwind of timbres.

3/5 Thursday (NYYT)
8 pm
Gyan Riley
Timb Harris (violin) Gyan Riley (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Paolo Angeli Solo
Paolo Angeli (prepared Sardinian guitar)
Plays “Ritagli di Tempo”, an impro-travel into Paolo’s three solo albums (Sardinian folk music, compositions by Angeli, Frith and Björk).

3/6 Friday (JM)
8 pm
Helena Espvall
Helena Espvall (cello, banjo)

10 pm
Keenan Lawler
Keenan Lawler (National Resonator guitar)

3/7 Saturday (MB)
8 and 10 pm
Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
Lukas Ligeti (drums) Keenan Lawler (guitar) Helena Espvall (cello) Thierry Gomar (vibes) Paolo Angeli (Sardinian guitar) Marco Cappelli (guitar) Raoul Björkenheim (guitar) Ned Rothenberg (sax) Aya Nishina (piano) James Ilgenfritz (bass) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) and many special guests
Another Stone Rent Party, East Village style! Plenty of music, madness and more. This is the gig that pays our rent... come out and support the Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

3/8 Sunday (MP)
8 pm
Thierry Gomar solo
Thierry Gomar (vibraphone, electronics)
Thierry Gomar’s vibraphone reverberates like no other, between the worlds—jazz, medieval and baroque music, contemporary and repetitive music—a new way, singular, personal, where the vertical joins the horizontal, within a rhythm of free prose.

10 pm
Robert Dick & Ursel Schlicht Duo
Robert Dick (flutes) Ursel Schlicht (piano)
Robert Dick and Ursel Schlicht have reinvented the flute and piano duo. Their music intertwines their composition and improvisation with a special approach to sonority in which Ursel's inside the piano work parallels Robert's enormous sonic range on flutes of all sizes.

3/10 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Kathleen Supové
Kathleen Supové (piano, electronics) Adam Fisher (cello) Emanuele de Raymondi (laptop)
Pianist Kathleen Supové will play a set that features world premieres of piano works written for her by Charles Coleman and Emanuele de Raymondi, as well as the premiere of "Mechanical Dolls" by Randall Woolf for Cello and Piano.

10 pm
Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut
Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut (piano, various) Joe McPhee (trumpet, reeds) Gene Janas (bass, vocals) Randy Borra (reeds, flute, keyboard, shakers) Gene Moore (guitar) Tom Chess (oud, African thumb piano, electronics) Danny Moore (electronics, bowed strings)

3/11 Wednesday (GG)
8 pm
The Tehran-Dakar Brothers
Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi (saxophone, vocals) Justice Dilla X (vocals) Brandon Ross (guitar, banjo) Damon Banks (bass) Mar Gueye (sabar)
Nu-world trash…silence is sound…

10 pm
Arrington de Dionysio
Arrington de Dionysio (bass clarinet, voice)
Using the bass clarinet, aluminum foil, and throatsinging into snare drums, Arrington de Dionyso conducts a shamanic inquiry into the sonic resonances of buzzing, howling, delicately crafted and splatter painted multiphonic sounds that evokes an ancient tradition of ceremonial voice masking hurled into 21st century American postminimalism, post whateverism.

3/12 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Daniel Pabst (guitar) Chris Janka (guitar) Claudius Jelinek (guitar) Emmanuel Preuschl (guitar)
TRAFO is a guitar Quartet from Austria and plays the music of several TV Series from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Themes from "the Streets of San Francisco", Knight Rider, Twin Peaks, the Avengers, the Persuaders or Magnum PI are interpreted with four Electric Guitars. Brrrrrrmmmmm.

10 pm
NoisyTown Groove
Daniel Pabst (guitar) Chris Janka (guitar) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
NoisyTownGroove is a collective based in New York City and Vienna. The Music of NTG scratches different styles in all genres. The only important thing is to be authentic in every situation.

3/13 Friday (MB)
8 pm
IDR - Italian Doc Remix
Marco Cappelli (guitar) Doug Wieselman (clarinet, saxophone) Jose Davila (trombone, tuba) Ken Filiano (bass) Jim Pugliese (drums) Special Guest: DJ Logic (turntables)
On a bottle of good Italian wine you'll find the sticker DOC: "Denominazone di Origine Controllata", which certifies its good quality. Italian Doc Remix (IDR) is the result of the artistic exchange between Marco Cappelli and Jim Pugliese, whose mutual reverence for the villages' ritual music brought them to the following statement: reflect the process of memory's distortion of the second/third immigrants generation, living in the new yorker cultural melting pot with a strong traditional back ground; give back to the audience a music at the same time far from the original source--for geographic, chronological and cultural reasons--and full of tradition's elements: impossible to fit in any conventional standard. After its first cd and its Italian tour of last summer, IDR comes back in NYC with some new surprises...

10 pm
Hans Fjellestad
Hans Fjellestad (analog synthesizer)
Hans winds trails of analog circuits and vacuum tubes through a darkly lush world of sound, emanating from the contemporary Los Angeles noise scene, with kind nods to Krautrock, Sun Ra, Japanoise and Black Metal.

3/14 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Vergil Sharkya's Hypercompositions
Vergil’s hypercompositions open a 3-D-sonic space of warped frequencies and grooves, defined by contrapuntal density, multi-dimensional polyrhythmic pulses, free harmonic structures and melodic series of seemingly endless micro-glissandi. Hypercomposition is the latest stage in Vergil’s quest for a means of composing music that is innovative in terms of its aesthetic and the methods by which it is created, yet at the same time manages to engage the listener through its emotional immediacy, and, for want of a better word, beauty.

10 pm
James Ilgenfritz Ensemble
Steve Swell (trombone) Stephen Rush (piano, electronics) James I.E. Ilgenfritz III (bass) Aaron Siegel (drums)
Four improvisers and composers convene to pursue inquiry into extended improvisational forms with an emphasis on the sonorous intersection of texture and harmony.

3/15 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly (piano)
CD Release party for Portal--the first solo piano CD from pianist/composer Daniel Kelly. This improvised CD was completed in one sitting and is the first installment of a solo piano series on 3x9 Records. Daniel has performed totally improvised solo concerts throughout North and South America.

10 pm
Iva Bittova with Lisa Moore
Iva Bittova (vocals, violin) Lisa Moore (piano)

3/17 Tuesday (MB)
8 pm
William Susman
Demetrius Spaneas (flute, clarinet, sax) Elaine Kwon (piano) Jacqueline Familant (soprano) Tabor Wind Quintet, Ebony String Quartet, William Susman (piano, percussion)
Concert of William Susman’s music for small ensembles including the Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary Short "Native New Yorker" performed live to picture with string quartet, winds and percussion.

10 pm
Grid Mesh
Andreas Willers (guitar) Frank Paul Schubert (sax) Rudi Fischerlehner (drums)
The Berlin-based trio Grid Mesh gives European free improv traditions a new spin with a radical and inventive group language utilizing sound, interplay and form. Focusing on spontaneity and momentum the players don't shy away from the witty and virtuosic to achieve a spellbinding balance between close-grained material and raw, dripping heaps of noise.

3/18 Wednesday (TD)
8 pm
Ela Orleans and Kevin Shea
Ela Orleans (sampler, guitar, violin, vocals, keyboard) Kevin Shea (drums)
Melodic sound collages haunted by all the best musical ghosts from John Barry to Pierre Boulez.

10 pm
Rory Dolan (drums) Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar) Luke Bemand (bass)
Lespecial mixes tight composition with raw improvisation in their blend of dirty groove stomps and twisted glitch funk hop. www.myspace.com/lespecial

3/19 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Derek Bermel and Wiek Hijmans
Derek Bermel (clarinet) Wiek Hijmans (guitar)

10 pm
Michelle Makarski
Michelle Makarski (violin)
ECM Records artist and Carnegie International American Music Competition winner violinist Michelle Makarski is internationally celebrated for her poetic and provocative programming. Michelle will offer a set of works of an intimate, contemplative nature against the backdrop of whatever ambient sounds the night provides us.

3/20 Friday (MB)
8 pm
Dan Blake
Dan Blake (soprano, tenor saxophones) Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone) Yoni Niv (laptop) Sergei Tcherepnin (analog electronics)
Saxophonist and composer Dan Blake will premier a composition for electro-acoustic ensemble. This group has collaborated for over two years, crafting a sonic identity that blurs the boundaries between individual players, towards a novel sound world that is best defined by the sum of its parts.

10 pm
Martin Philadelphy’s Paint

3/21 Saturday (BS)
8 pm
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Reuben Radding (bass)
Ten dollars

10 pm
Crispell/Makarski/Ligeti Trio
Marilyn Crispell (piano) Michelle Makarski (violin) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
Three musicians of vastly different backgrounds who have been listening to each other's music for a long time come together for the first time as a trio. A unique musical conversation, driven by free association, powerful yet lyrical, destination unknown. And that is exactly the point of this encounter. Twenty dollars.

3/22 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
Eyal Maoz (guitar) James Ilgenfritz (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
A very strange "power trio", indeed...a rock hybrid whose ridiculous artsong craftsmanship alternately revels in complexity or brazen simplicity, favoring entropy and near-disaster over order or tidiness. Like experimental grafting surgery gone horribly awry, Hypercolor bears limbs borrowed from 80s NYC No-Wave, early jazz-rock, and current Brooklyn indie textures.

10 pm
Hypercolor with surprise guests
Eyal Maoz (guitar) James Ilgenfritz (bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums) Odeya Nini (vocals) Julianne Carney (violin) Briggan Krauss (saxophone) Matt Mottel (synthesizer)

3/24 Tuesday (JM)
8 pm
Jenny Q. Chai
Jenny Q. Chai (piano)
A piano recital featuring short works by Arnold Schoenberg, Ryan Francis, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frederic Rzewski, György Ligeti, Ashley Fu-Tsun Wang, Vanessa Lann, Annie Gosfield, John Cage, Louis Andriessen, and Nils Vigeland.

10 pm
Steve Dalachinsky - The Percussive Word
Steve Dalachinsky (poetry) Jim Pugliese (percussion) Special Guests George Wallace, Nicole Peyrafitte (poetry) Okkyung Lee (cello)

3/25 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Hans Lüdemann “Between the Keys (The Virtual Piano)”
Hans Lüdemann (piano, electronics)
German Jazz pianist, composer and improviser Hans Lüdemann expands the piano into a microtonal and multitimbral instrument on adventurous musical journeys--drawing different perspectives from the layers of African polyrhythm.

10 pm
Miya Masaoka
Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) Okkyung Lee (cello) Wu Fei (gu zheng) Shoko Nagai (piano)
Musicians from different influences of traditional, electronic and improvisation come together to form and reform sounds, emotions and acts of instantaneous collaboration.

3/26 Thursday (MB)
8 pm
Michael Manring Solo
Michael Manring (electric bass)
Hailed by many as the world's leading solo bassist, Michael Manring's music employs unorthodox techniques and concepts on instruments of his own design. Has appeared on hundreds of recordings and performs all over the world both as a soloist and in ensembles from many different genres.

10 pm
Lukas Ligeti’s Kaleidoscope Point
Dan Blake (saxophone) Wende K. Blass (guitar) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Lorna Krier (synthesizer) Lukas Ligeti (electronics, percussion)
A new group, combining disparate ideas into a colorful volcano of possibilities, conjuring up a spectrum of African guitar riffs, 80s analog synths, and superimposed harmonies - imagine a rock band and a free jazz band playing at the same time, but tightly interwoven, and imagine this happening in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

3/27 Friday (MB)
8 pm
Ionel Petroi
Ionel Petroi (piano)
Petroi, a highly original composer from Belgrade via Paris and a recent NYC transplant, performs his solo piano composition, "To Love And To Be Loved", composed in 2005/06.

10 pm
Matt Darriau (clarinet, sax, Bulgarian kaval, gaida, flutes, assorted toys) Katie Down (steel cello, glass instruments, flute, assorted toys)
A duo exploring unusual acoustic instruments of wind, water, earth and metal, intricate textures, loops and grooves. Katie Down, a downtown theatrical sound designer and composer also known for her musical antics in the Ukuladies, plays flute, glass harp and glass objects, steel cello, lithophone, and other assorted sounds. Matt Darriau, of Klezmatics and Paradox Trio fame, is known for his expertise on Bulgarian kaval and gaida, Irish flute, alto sax and clarinets.

3/28 Saturday (MB)
8 pm
Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster
Leah Paul (flutes) Max Mandel (viola) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ian Riggs (bass) Tomas Fujiwara (drums) Matthew Welch (bagpipes, sax, voice)
The second in the "Blind Piper's Obstinacy" series of monolithic long form compositions. Relentless mayhem in rhythm and color drawing from the worlds of Scottish bagpipe music, Balinese gamelan, improvisation, minimalism and rock.

10 pm
Pyrolator Solo
Pyrolator (electronics)
Pyrolator, a seminal figure of Germany's experimental and pop music underground, has been a vital member of Düsseldorf's music and art scene for 30 years. He co-founded several cult bands including D.A.F. and Der Plan, as well as the AtaTak record label which was responsible for some of the most important diy synthi-pop and NDW (German New Wave) recordings of the 1980s by artists such as Andreas Dorau; he has also worked worldwide as a sound installation artist. Currently, he is a member of the groups Burkina Electric and Fehlfarben. This concert will feature rare, special compositions for Buchla Lightning and an array of other instruments.

3/29 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
Music of Pascal Plantinga
Pascal Plantinga (vocals, bass) Pyrolator (electronics) David Campbell (drums)
Pascal Plantinga stretches the boundaries of modern songwriting. Stylish soundscape grooves in slick-fuzzy arrangements.

10 pm
Risser – Wright Duo
Eve Risser (piano) Jack Wright (saxophones)
Jack Wright, a thirty year veteran of free improvisation on the saxophone, had the chance to meet and play with French pianist Eve Risser in Paris in September. Eve begins her US tour with their duo concert March 29, which will continue their dialogue

3/31 Tuesday (NYYT)
8 pm
Eyal Maoz’ Edom
Eyal Maoz (guitar) Brian Marsella (keyboards) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Yuval Lion (drums)
Experimental Jewish rock ensemble.

10 pm
NoNet Trio
Ken Thomson (saxophones) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
Is it a trio or a nonet? It's a trio with no net, as in ...safety.... But it's inherently a nonet, because each of the members of the trio has enough ideas to go around for three