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February 2009 at the Stone 
curated by Shannon Fields

2/1 Sunday (TD)
8 pm
Lil' Dusty (Pete Nolan)
Pete Nolan
Lil Dusty (Pete Nolan of Magik Markers, Spectre Folk et al) performing Minimal synth moves, beats and a watery sci-fi atmosphere that seems to take off from Edgar Froese circa Aqua/Epsilon In Malaysian Pale cut up with Halloween/80s slasher style sonics, weird vocal mutterings, F/X-soaked rhymes and spaced new age melodies.

10 pm
Magik Markers
Magik Markers

2/3 Tuesday (TC)
8 pm
Zach Layton
Zach Layton (laptop, guitar), Michael Evans (drums), Evan Rapport (alto sax, clarinet)

10 pm
Animal Hospital
Kevin Micka (guitar, electronics, voice)
During performances, Micka buries himself in a pile of electronics-shelves of effects, mixing consoles, amps and delay units--while patiently constructing a layered nest of loops consisting of live drum beats, guitar chords, scrapes, chucks, chimes, and melodies resulting in anything from more conventional songs to meticulously crafted ambient movements on to full on improvisation.

2/4 Wednesday (NYYT)
8 pm
Hoichi The Earless
Jerrold Kavanagh (drum set) Marcel Blum (turntable, laptop) Jesse Blum (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn)
Electroacoustic improvisation with Jerrold Kavanagh, Marcel Blum (author of the Soundplant software, proprietor of keymap records) and special guest Jesse Blum (of Outernational and The Silent League). myspace.com/hoichitheearless

10 pm
Paul Pinto (piano, tape, voice) Jeffrey Young (violin, tape, voice) Andrew Livingston (bass, tape, voice) Erin Rogers (saxophone) Andrea La Rose (flute) Gelsey Bell (voice) Alejandro Acierto (clarinet) Isabel Castellvi (cello)
New music from thingNY composers, improv with music and paint, solo works by Luciano Berio and Ryo Noda, and Julius Eastman’s psuedo-pop minimalist piece, Stay On It.

2/5 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Chris Forsyth with Nate Wooley
Chris Forsyth (guitar) Nate Wooley (trumpet)
Peeesseye guitarist and omnipresent trumpeter meet to sort out the details.

10 pm
Twi—The Humble Feather
Anthony Lebron, Hektor Fontanez, Bryan Doring (acoustic guitar)

2/6 Friday (DB)
8 pm
Tunde Adebimpe and Ryan Sawyer
Tunde Adebimpe (voice) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

10 pm
Kría Brekkan
Kría Brekkan (píano, voice)

2/7 Saturday (BS)
8 and 10 pm
Chris Schlarb's "Twilight & Ghost Stories"
Tom Abbs (acoustic bass, dijeridoo) Diane Cluck (voice, acoustic guitar) G. Lucas Crane (tapes, electronics) Shannon Fields (omnichord, glockenspiel, clarinet) Sebastian Krueger (voice, clarinet, bass) Mick Rossi (piano) Chris Schlarb (acoustic guitar, percussion, lightbox) Chad Taylor (drums) Katherine Young (bassoon, accordion) Additional guests TBD
Twilight & Ghost Stories is a dense 40-minute modern composition featuring a disparate cross section of musicians from the avant garde, independent folk, jazz and electronic communities. Concentrating on fragments of memory, texture, melody and rhythm, the piece is conducted using a custom built lightbox and a unique ensemble of musicians that includes members of the Philip Glass Ensemble, Stars Like Fleas, Inlets, Triptych Myth and Vanishing Voice. Fifteen dollars.

2/8 Sunday (MB)
8 pm
'and/OAR' label showcase
John Hudak, Sawako, Billy Gomberg

10 pm
'and/OAR' label showcase
Olivia Block with Adam Sonderberg, Kenneth Kirschner with Asher

2/10 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Jon Natchez
Jon Natchez (brass, woodwinds) Kelly Pratt, Stuart Bogie (woodwinds) Ryan Sawyer (drums) Nick Petree (drums, percussion)

10 pm
Fence Kitchen
Tim Harbeson (pump organ, cornet, objects found and made, light, shade)

2/11 Wednesday (GG)
8 pm
Honne Wells
Honne Wells hails from America’s Bible Belt South. It is there that he has been mining below the “underground” music scene for the past four years. After settling in Baltimore, Wells, originally billed as the solo act “Honey Waller,” brought to the Mason Dixon line a deep southern depression era repose. For Honne Wells, the destitution of Baltimore paralleled the desperation of a pre-war America. Wells’ developed his style of over-driven, primitive amplification and performance using pre-war methodologies spit through electrical processes. Although initially a solo act, Wells’ teamed up with Texas based percussionist, Bobby Weiss in further experiments in noise composition. It was also working with percussionist Benji Derdeyn, with a project entitled, ”Henri Lee”, that a standardized structure emerged from his previous emotive-noise based performances. In 2006, Wells left the city of Baltimore for New York. He began experimenting with techniques in recording; primarily with orthophonics and wax cylinder technologies. Today, Honne Wells continues his studies in orthophonic recording and audio documentation. He has given more than a dozen musical demonstrations articulating a focus on acoustic sound. Wells releases his recordings for study and preservation with the local group Yell-O-Faith Archive that deal predominantly with his work, and act as distributor for Wells’ recordings. Five dollars.

10 pm
Sheila 16, Nathaniel Amolvacy, Christian Amolvacy
Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear), Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band) and Sheila Donovan (Laboratory Theater) perform measured pieces and improvised works. "Be careful!" Our hearts are not of stone; they play there. "Shhhh!" Amolvacy performs a night of musical chairs with percussion.

2/12 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Charles Waters and Concertimento Orchestra
Charles Waters (woodwinds) Ensemble TBA
Charles Waters and Concertimento Orchestra perform New Works. Details soon...http://www.concertimento.blogspot.com

10 pm
Ben Vida with Matt Bauder and Jason Ajemian
Ben Vida (synthesizer, voice) Matt Bauder (sax) Jason Ajemian (bass)

2/13 Friday (MB)
8 pm
Lexie Mountain Boys
Lexie Mountain, Sam Garner, Amy Waller, Amy Harmon, Katherine Hill

10 pm
The Fable of Pitter Patter
Dana Janssen (drums) Otto Hauser (drums) Mike Kammers (tenor sax) Phil Weinrobe (banjo) Other guests TBA
A collection of improvisations and short compositions contributed by a group is made up of friends who come from many different groups and backgrounds, including Akron/Family, Vetiver, Butane Variations, and the MK Groove Orchestra.

2/14 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (sax) Shannon Fields (guitar) Lance Grabmiller (electronics) Jon Natchez (trumpet, sax) Matt Lavelle (bass clarinet, trumpet) Laura Ortman (violin) Shayna Dulberger (bass) Ikue Mori (electronics) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Special surprise guests!

2/15 Sunday (JM)
8 pm
Matt Lavelle—The manifestation drama part 3
Matt Lavelle (trumpet, flugelhorn, alto and bass clarinets) Catherine Sikora (tenor and soprano saxophones) Lance Grabmiller (laptop/electronics) Dan Levin (cello) Katie Pawluk, Jason Kwang, Laura Ortman (violin) Shelley Burgon (harp) Shayna Dulberger (bass) Shannon Fields (electronics, guitar)

10 pm
Ashley Paul
Ashley Paul (saxophone, voice, green box, amplification) Sakiko Mori (keyboards, amplification)

2/17 Tuesday (MB)
8 pm
Nick Hallett
Nick Hallett (voice, piano)
A recital of original art songs and covers by Cornelius Cardew, Brian Eno, Meredith Monk, Arthur Russell and others.

10 pm
Ryan Ingebritsen
Ryan Ingebritsen (electronics) Andrew Barker (drums) TBA (piano)
Reperameterization2 for Piano and live electronics--drums and samples--solo improvisation.

2/18 Wednesday (JM)
8 pm
Ecstatic Sunshine
Matt Papich (guitar) Dustin Wong (guitar)

10 pm
Andrea Parkins and Jennifer Walshe
Andrea Parkins (electronic accordion, laptop, objects) Jennifer Walshe (voice, laptop, objects)

2/19 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Byron Westbrook (multichannel audio and video)

10 pm
Gene Park and Ryan Smith
Gene Park (viola, electronics) Ryan Smith (piano, electronics)
Electro-acoustic works by Gene Park (10pm) Ryan Smith (10:30).

2/20 Friday (CW)
8 pm
A Sacred Harp Community Sing
Sacred Harp community sing (based on the tradition of the music, this will be a participatory event...details forthcoming).

10 pm
Sam Amidon
Sam Amidon (voice)
Performing acapella—dancing, songs, comics, maybe videos!

2/21 Saturday (MB)
8 pm
Tristan Perich
Tristan Perich (electronics)
Compositions in 1-bit: Treating pulses of electricity the same as vibrating violin strings, these compositions for unamplified acoustic ensemble with hand-built and programmed 1-bit electronics skirt around the foundations of digital sound.

10 pm
Christopher Willits
Christopher Willits (guitar, electronics)

2/22 Sunday (BS)
8 pm
Alfred Brown
Fred Brown (loops, electric guitar, tape, turntable, laptop, various prepared acoustic instruments)
Brown stacks layers of sonic textures; blocks of sound placed next to and on top of each other using loops, electric guitar, prepared tape, turntable, laptop and various sound processors and small acoustic instruments. The result is a subtle structure of coherent noise that sparkles in the sun and sways in the breeze. Constructed live.

10 pm
Scott Mou
Scott Mou (eletronics)

2/24 Tuesday (MP)
8 pm
ICE (International Contemporary Ensemble)
featuring Peter Evans (trumpet) Dave Reminick (sax) Cory Smythe (piano) Nathan Davis (electronics)

10 pm
Tuple | bassoon duo
Rachael Elliott, Lynn Hileman (bassoon)
Music for one and two bassoons by Elliott Carter, Michael Daugherty, Dennis DeSantis, Sofia Gubaidulina and Chiel Meijering.

2/25 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Richard Chartier
Richard Chartier (electronics)

10 pm
Miguel Frasconi
Miguel Frasconi (glass objects, electronics, keyboards, “de-evolved” instruments)

2/26 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Duane Pitre
Duane Pitre (violin, bowed guitar) and ensemble
Pitre's newest ensemble performing his compositions.

10 pm
Koen Holtkamp, Brendon Anderegg (electronics, instruments)

2/27 Friday (MB)
8 pm
Amit Pitaru
Amit Pitaru (performed installation)

10 pm
Jeff Snyder's exclusiveOr & Draftmasters
Jeff Snyder's exclusiveOr (with Sam Pluta) at 10pm & Draftmasters (with Victor Adan) at 10:30pm.

2/28 Saturday (NYYT)
8 pm
Echoes Still Singing Limbs
Nick Kuepfer, Nader Hasan, Kristina Koropecki, Aidan Jeffery and sometimes Ian Llavsky and Nathan Ward

10 pm
Capillary Action
Jonathan Pfeffer (vocals, guitar) Dan Sutherland (drums, percussion) Spencer Russell (bass, vocals) Lauren Day (accordion, vocals) Sam Kulik (trombone, percussion, vocals)

3/1 Sunday (MP)
8 pm
Love Like DeLoreans
Lorna Krier (synthesizer) Peter Pearson (synthesizer) Derek Muro (synthesizer)

10 pm
Rupert Huber
Rupert Huber (piano, voices from laptop, piano electronics)
Concert for electric ghost vocals, acoustic piano and live electronic piano dubs.