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December 2007 at the Stone 
curated by Vijay Iyer

12/1 Saturday (TDSB)
8 pm
Liberty Ellman/Brandon Ross Quartet
Liberty Ellman (guitar) Brandon Ross (guitar) Brad Jones (bass) Damion Reid (drums)

10 pm
Val-Inc: Live Afro-Electronica
Val-Inc (MPC 2000, QFO, Air synth, Handsonic 10, SP 303, etc)
Haitian electronic music composer Val-Inc evokes the ancestral esoteric realms of the creative subconscious with moving results, self-defined as "Afro-Electronica."

12/2 Sunday (RK)
8 pm
Piano Four Hands
Tyshawn Sorey (piano) Ben Gerstein (piano)
In celebration of Tyshawn Sorey's debut release That/Not on Firehouse 12 Records.

10 pm
Soto Valez Quartet
Tyshawn Sorey (trombone, drums) Ben Gerstein (trombone) Terrence McManus (guitar, objects) Christopher Tordini (bass)
In celebration of Tyshawn Sorey's debut release That/Not on Firehouse 12 Records.

12/4 Tuesday (DB)
8 pm
Suphala (tabla, electronics, sound design) Mazz Swift (violin) David Gotay (cello) Shree Shyam Das (khol, Manipuri pung)
Tabla artist Suphala will perform a range of material from Indian Classical to her post- modern compositions on the recently released album, Blueprint, which features an array of innovative artists including Edie Brickell, King Britt and Vernon Reid. More info: http://www.suphala.com

10 pm
James Hurt-Physiomelodic Structuralism/James Hurt and Justin Gonzales-Luminism
James Hurt (piano, drums, guitar, electronics, sound design) Justin Gonzales (electronics, sound design)
Acoustic and electronic alchemical compositional explorations. Physiomelodic Structuralism is an application of the symbiotic relationship of the mind and the body to produce creative compositions and employ universal laws and constants. Luminism is the culmination of collaborative spontaneous composition, open exploration, and revelation through the use of electronics.

12/5 Wednesday (CB)
8 pm
Pamela Z Solo
Pamela Z (voice, electronics)
Pamela Z performs a set of works—new, old, composed, and improvised–processing her voice through a Max MSP patch on her Powerbook and triggering sampled sounds with gesture controlled MIDI instruments. http://www.pamelaz.com

10 pm
Pamela Z/Okkyung Lee/Sarah Schoenbeck
Pamela Z (voice, live electronic processing) Okkyung Lee (cello) Sarah
Schoenbeck (bassoon)

12/6 Thursday (CB)
8 pm
Georg Graewe: solo works
Georg Graewe (piano)
German pianist/composer Georg Graewe performs some of his recent piano music, including "Fantasiestücke XVII--XX", "FederSkizzen II," plus extracts from "Improvisation sur Barraqué."

10 pm
songs & variations
Almut Kuehne (soprano) Georg Graewe (piano)
NY debut of Dresden-born soprano Almut Kuehne, who is also singer in Graewe's new orchestra "sonic fiction".

12/7 Friday (JC)
8 pm
Jason Moran Solo
Jason Moran (piano)
Performing the music of his influences: Thelonious Monk, Herbie Nichols, Andrew Hill, Muhal Richard Abrams, Jaki Byard, Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson, Hasaan, and more.

10 pm
Jason Moran with Mary Halvorson & Ron Miles
Jason Moran (piano) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Ron Miles (cornet)
A new collaboration.

12/8 Saturday (GG)
8 pm
Vijay Iyer & Rudresh Mahanthappa: Raw Materials
Vijay Iyer (piano, compositions) Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone, compositions)

10 pm
Vijay Iyer Trio
Vijay Iyer (piano) Stephan Crump (bass) Marcus Gilmore (drums)

12/9 Sunday (KJ)
8 pm
Kathleen Supové & Jennifer Choi
Kathleen Supové (piano) Jennifer Choi (violin)
Acclaimed performers Jennifer Choi and Kathleen Supové perform signature solo and duo works with electronic soundtracks and improvs. Special guest, Alexandra Gardner on laptop, will join forces in a program offering killer new music compositions by Alexandra Gardner, Michael Gatonska, Keeril Makan, Susie Ibarra, and Vijay Iyer

10 pm
Liberty Ellman's Aestivation
Liberty Ellman (guitar) Steve Lehman (alto saxophone) Jose Davila (tuba) Stephan Crump (bass) Gerald Cleaver (drums)
Performing music from Ellman's acclaimed album on Pi Recordings. http://libertyellman.com

12/11 Tuesday (GG)
8 and 10 pm
CONDUCTION 101: Butch Morris on Conduction
Butch Morris (conduction) Kirk Knuffke (trumpet) Tony Barba (clarinet) Christof Knoche (bass clarinet) Michael Attias (alto saxophone) Eivind Opsvik (double bass) Reuben Radding (double bass)
All audience members are encouraged to bring their instruments.

12/12 Wednesday (SK)
8 pm
Michael Dessen Trio
Michael Dessen (trombone, laptop) Tyshawn Sorey (drums) Christopher Tordini (bass)
Original compositions, open improvisation, and live electronics. http://mdessen.com

10 pm
J.D. Parran (reeds) Michael Dessen (trombone) Vijay Iyer (piano)

12/13 Thursday (MF)
8 and 10 pm
David Wessel/Vijay Iyer/Steve Lehman
David Wessel (electronics) Vijay Iyer (piano, electronics) Steve Lehman (saxophone, electronics)
A rare east-coast visit by computer music pioneer David Wessel, appearing in collaboration with some old and new friends.

12/14 Friday (GG)
8 pm
David Wessel/Thomas Buckner/Earl Howard
David Wessel (electronics) Thomas Buckner (voice) Earl Howard (reeds)
A rare east-coast visit by computer music pioneer David Wessel, appearing in collaboration with some old and new friends.

10 pm
Scotty Hard
Sebastian Laws (vocals, visuals) Aron Deyo (visuals) Billy Martin (drums, percussion) Scotty Hard (ringleader)

12/15 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Graham Haynes/Hardedge
Graham Haynes (cornet, electronics) Hardedge (sound design)
Their first performance in New York since 2004. Just released: Paralyzed by the Approach of the Inevitable (hardedge 007)

10 pm
Graham Haynes/Hardedge/Zak Sherzad
Graham Haynes (cornet, electronics) Hardedge (sound design) Zak Sherzad (visuals)

12/16 Sunday (OL)
8 pm
Gerald Cleaver
Gerald Cleaver (drums) William Parker (bass) Craig Taborn (piano)

10 pm
Matana Roberts/Tyshawn Sorey
Matana Roberts (saxophone, woodwinds) Tyshawn Sorey (piano)

12/18 Tuesday (MF)
8 pm
Craig Taborn solo
Craig Taborn (piano)

10 pm
Vijay Iyer (piano, compositions) Steve Lehman (saxophone, compositions) Tyshawn Sorey (drums, compositions)

12/19 Wednesday (MM)
8 pm
Angelica Sanchez Quintet
Angelica Sanchez (piano, compositions) Marc Ducret (guitar) Tony Malaby (saxophones) Drew Gress (bass) Tom Rainey (drums)

10 pm
Steve Lehman (saxophone, compositions) Tyshawn Sorey (drums, compositions) Vijay Iyer (piano, compositions)

12/20 Thursday (BLG)
8 pm
Dan Weiss Trio
Jacob Sacks (piano) Thomas Morgan (bass) Dan Weiss (drums, compositions)
The trio plays on extended forms of music that draw on western contemporary classical, hindustani classical, and other elements, blurring the line between composition and improvisation. www.danweiss.net

10 pm
Tyshawn Sorey (drums, compositions) Vijay Iyer (piano, compositions) Steve Lehman (saxophone, compositions)

12/21 Friday (DB)
8 pm
Miya Masaoka (koto, electronics) Andrea Parkins (electric accordion//FX & live processing) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Okkyung Lee (cello) Miya Masaoka (koto)

12/22 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Raz Mesinai's Sleepwalker
Raz Mesinai (prepared piano, electronics) Shahzad Ismaily (electric bass) Jonathan Gandelsman (violin)
Trance inducing pieces for solo piano, violin, electric bass, and electronics.


10 pm
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber conducted by Greg Tate: "Conductions based on music of the San Kung people of the Kalahari... Sophisticated soul from 20,000 BC"
Greg Tate (conductor, guitar, laptop) Justice Dilla-X (vocals) Maya Azucena (vocals) Mazz Swift (violin, vocals) demax (mc) Mikel Banks (freak-a-phone, vocals) Lewis "Flip" Barnes Jr. (trumpet) Avram Fefer (tenor sax) Paula Henderson (baritone saxophone) Josh Sinton (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) David Smith (trombone) Vernon Reid, Thom Loubet, Ben Tyree, Jimi Lee, Rene Akan (guitar) Myles Reilly (piano) Bruce Mack (synthesizer) Jason DiMatteo (acoustic bass) Jared Michael Nickerson (electric bass) Trevor Holder (drums)
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber Began as a grand and noble idea that begat an ostensibly foolhardy enterprise, an updated Miles Davis Bitches Brew for the 23rd century with players who were conversant in a plethora of post-modern musical tongues. What it has become is one of the few modern music groups to freely mash-up any and all forms of vocal and instrumental music like it ain't nobody's business if they do. Burnt Sugar's got the nerve to claim Morton Feldman, Brian Eno and Steve Reich as progenitors alongside Billie Holiday, Jimi Hendrix and Vladislav Delay. Their player-ranks have been known to include devotees of Steve Lacy and Steve Coleman, Irish fiddlers, AACM refugees, Afropunk rockers, staunch beboppers, feminist hiphoppers, doowoppers, funkateers and rodeo stars of the digital divide. http://burntsugarindex.com

12/23 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Due to unfortunate circumstances Perseph-One had to cancel tonight's performance. We apologize for any inconveniences.

10 pm
Carlo De Rosa Quartet
Sam Newsome (soprano saxophone) Art Hirahara (piano) Carlo De Rosa
(bass) Justin Brown (drums)
The well-traveled bassist with extensive sideman credentials showcases his original compositions in this ensemble. http://www.carloderosa.com

12/25 Tuesday (RK)
8 pm
Srinivas Reddy and Nitin Mitta
Srinivas Reddy (sitar) Nitin Mitta (tabla)
A special holiday concert of classical Hindustani music performed by two exceptional young artists.

Twenty dollars.



12/26 Wednesday (JC)
8 pm
Amir ElSaffar (trumpet, santoor) Gaida Hinnawi (vocal) Rufus Cappadocia (cello) Seido Salifoski (dumbek)
Gaida's prayer-like vocal improvisations soar over trance-inducing grooves and multi-layered sound textures, creating an ecstatic, spiritual music that comes from no particular time and place, other than where it is created in that moment.





10 pm
Qasim Naqvi
Qasim Naqvi (drums, electronics) Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, trumpet) Shahzad Ismaily (guitar, bass)

12/27 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Steve Lehman solo
Steve Lehman (saxophone, electronics)
Works for solo saxophone and live interactive electronics. http://stevelehman.com

10 pm
Guillermo E. Brown
Guillermo E. Brown (electronics, voice, drums) and special guests

12/28 Friday (OL)
8 pm
Miles Okazaki and Dan Weiss
Dan Weiss (drums) Miles Okazaki (guitar)
A longstanding collaboration to investigate various traditions of rhythmic composition and improvisation. This concert will feature compositions from the Tabla and Mrdangam repertoire adapted to drumset and guitar, as well as original work by Weiss and Okazaki.



10 pm
Rez Abbasi
Rez Abbasi (guitar) Sam Barsh (organ) Dan Weiss (drums

12/29 Saturday (HHCW)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn (saxophone) Vijay Iyer (piano) and many VERY special surprise guests!!

12/30 Sunday (OL)
8 pm
Mendi + Keith Obadike
Mendi (vocals) Keith (banjo, electronics)


10 pm
Latasha N. Nevada Diggs
Latasha N. Nevada Diggs (voice, electronics) High Priest (voice, electronics) Kamala Sankaram (voice, accordion)
Text + beats + bounce + norteño = yo no se nada http://www.myspace.com/latashannevadadiggs