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October 2007 at the Stone 
curated by Paola Prestini / Steven Bernstein

10/2 Tuesday (JB)
8 pm
Tony Arnold—Vocal Magic
Tony Arnold (vocals)
Internationally recognized for her interpretation of contemporary repertoire, Tony Arnold offers an experimental evening of vocal magic. In 2001 she became the first vocalist ever to win the prestigious Gaudeamus Competition.

10 pm
Lukas Ligeti—Traveling Voices
Lukas Ligeti (percussion and electronics)
After his recent release, "Mystery System", a program of chamber music on Tzadik Records, Ligeti returns to The Stone to elaborate on his unique musical blend: polymetric experimentalism crossed with musical voyages to Africa.

10/3 Wednesday (RK)
8 pm
Dave Eggar and the Quartet of Disparate Voices
Dave Eggar (cello) Eric Huebner (piano) Matt Zebroski (drummer) Peter Evans (trumpet)
A riveting evening exploring video and electronica collaborations with new works by Jim Altieri, Sam Pluta, Emil Margolis, Michael Brecker, Toshiro Mayazumi and Morton Feldman.

10 pm
Milica Paranosic—"A Musical Jackson Pollock"
Milica Paranosic (electronics and vocals)
An evening of original, improvised and arranged compositions by Paranosic (a native of Belgrade) using new and extended techniques involving electronics, ethnic, toy and found instruments, vocals, movement, spoken word and visuals, rendering a variety of musical styles (pop, folk, hip-hop and classical).

10/4 Thursday (SK)
8 pm
"Such a Pure Force"—the Verge Ensemble
Lina Bahn (violin) Steve Antosca (composer) Collin Oldham (cellomobo/Radio Tape Knife, inventor) Nick Antosca (writer/reader)
The Verge Ensemble hails from Washington DC and brings "Such a Pure Force", a work that explores the force and inspiring power of life at its final moments with text from Chilean poet Pablo Neruda’s Cien Sonetos De Amor.

10 pm
No Surrender
Jamal (Seraphim) Van Sluytman (vocals) with No Surrender and special guests
No Surrender returns from recent trips to Europe to offer a rare appearance in NY. An alternative electronic band, No Surrender was a pioneer of the Avant-Garde hip hop movement and have helped shape the current landscape where electro meets punk and hip-hop.

10/5 Friday (JC)
8 pm
David Cossin
David Cossin (percussion)
A specialist in new and experimental music, Cossin stretches the boundaries of percussion performance by incorporating new media across a broad spectrum of musical and artistic forms.

10 pm
Vijay Iyer and Rudresh Mahanthappa-Raw Materials
Vijay Iyer (piano) Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto saxophone)
This innovative duo offer an evening of music in a chamber-like setting, their original music blurring the boundaries between composition and improvisation, drawing from African-American jazz and experimental music, South Asian and African musics, and modern composition.

10/6 Saturday (CB)
8 pm
New Voices—a Visual and Vocal Journey
Paola Prestini and Milica Paranosic (composer/performers) and ensemble
Frequent collaborators, composer-performers Milica Paranosic and Paola Prestini offer an exciting evening of multimedia that travels from Mexico to Serbia and beyond. Guests include Trinidadian poet Lynne Procope, Mexican filmmaker Erika Harrsch, German filmmaker Carmen Kordas, and VisionIntoArt artists Erik Carlson, Duncan Cutler, Richard Mannoia and Pablo Rieppi.

10 pm
XAMBUCA presents"Dicentra"—A Poisonous Flower in Two Parts
Chandra Shukla (electronics) Larry Thrasher (Psychic TV) and RK Faulhaber (Nurse With Wound)(multi-instrmentalists, sonic specialists) Jon Weber (video artist)
In from San Francisco, XAMBUCA presents"Dicentra", a story about the life of a flower who's anatomy appears to be split into two, its journey through its growth, its inevitable lament, and the potentially poisonous hallucinations rendered by its consumption.

10/7 Sunday (JC)
8 pm
Cornelius Dufallo with members of Ne(x)tworks
Cornelius Dufallo (violin) Joan La Barbara (voice) Miguel Frasconi (glass and electronics)
Violinist/composer Cornelius Dufallo and members of Ne(x)tworks present music by Wadada Leo Smith, Cornelius Dufallo, Joan La Barbara, and Miguel Frasconi.

10 pm
Kathleen Supové with Special Guest: Charles Woodman
Kathleen Supove (piano) Charles Woodman (interactive video artist)
Pianist Kathleen Supové performs new multimedia creations for piano, including the 2007 work INNER CITIES #13 by Alvin Curran. This special performance uses hand sensors and video processing in real time by Charles Woodman (University of Cincinnati).

10/9 Tuesday (JB)
8 pm
More Viola, Please...
Nadia Sirota (viola)
Fearless interpreter and commissioner of music, Nadia Sirota offers an evening that features the viola and electronics with premieres by Caleb Burhans and Nico Muhly.

10 pm
Blues in Space
Rubin Kodheli (cello) Garret Brown (drums) Justin Sabaj (electric guitar)
Rubin Kodheli, the multi-talented young cellist, brings together a mixed ensemble band in an evening of music spanning hard rock to heavy metal, with chaotic improvisations on electric cello.

10/10 Wednesday (KT)
8 pm
Matthew Burtner and friends
Matthew Burtner (sound artist) Haleh Abghari (vocals) Morris Palter (percussion) Michael Straus (saxophone)
A multimedia chamber music evening that combines video and computer-generated sound with live acoustic instruments. This special set features "Kuik (aria) which tells the story of the Kvichak River in Alaska, the scattering glitchy electroacoustic saxophone and video piece, "(dis)Locations," and the suspended icily precise "Prismic Generations" for struck and bowed pitched instruments.

10 pm
Will Holshouser Trio
Will Holshouser (accordionist) Ron Horton (trumpet) Dave Phillips (bass)
An evening of arranged and improvised works by Holshouser offers a broad palette of trumpet timbres, rich bass bow sounds, and rhythmically driving accordion pulsations.

10/11 Thursday (GG)
8 pm
Christine Southworth and Evan Ziporyn
Christine Southworth & Evan Ziporyn (Balinese gamelan gender wayang)
Traditional Balinese duets from the repertoire of the late I Wayan Loceng, Sukawati Village. Gender wayang is commonly used to accompany the the shadow puppet plays (wayang kulit) of Bali; it is also used for major life rituals such as funerals and tooth filings.

10 pm
Matthew Burtner (metasaxophones, polyrhythmicon, computer, composer) and Morris Palter (percussion and computer) ThinkThank Media (video) Spacecraft (design)
Metasax&DRUMthings merges intense human/computer polyrhythms with live signal processing using sensor-based gestural technologies. From structured, experimental works to free improvisation with rhythmic signal processing machines, to ambient pulse-based sound art, Metasax&DRUMthings performances present a high-energy, rhythmic show combining experimental, electronic, free jazz and punk influences

10/12 Friday (JB)
8 pm
The New York Miniaturist Ensemble
Erik Carlson (violin) Josh Rubin (clarinet) Michael Caterisano (percussion)
The New York Miniaturist Ensemble performs works of 100 notes or fewer by composers from around the globe.

10 pm
Steve Piccolo and Gak Sato
Steve Piccolo (voice, bass, guitar and electronics) Gak Sato (theremin, percussion and electronics)
Steve Piccolo, in a rare appearance at the Stone, comes from Milan, Italy to bring us "Unreliable Sources", an evening of songs and stories.

10/13 Saturday (SBTD)
8 pm
Moo, Squeal & Scratch: In the Garden of Shadows
Haleh Abghari (voice) Michael Douglas Jones (voice) Benjamin Kreith (violin) Keith Carrol (Sound Design)
Excerpts from Moo, Squeal & Scratch: in the garden of shadows, a bilingual music-theatre work with text from classical Persian poetry, created and performed by Haleh Abghari, Michael Douglas Jones, Benjamin Kreith and Keith Carrol.

10 pm
Felix Fan (cello)
Felix Fan, the exciting versatile cellist, offers an evening with multiple cellistic perspectives in a program that includes 'Metamorphosis' by Philip Glass for two celli, 'We shall Fight' by Yoav Gal, and 'Cello Counterpoint' by Steve Reich.

10/14 Sunday (MM)
8 and 10 pm
Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Cyro Baptista (percussion) Special Guests TBA
Come out and support The Stone! Twenty Dollars.

10/16 Tuesday (JB)
8 pm
Songs to Die By
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (slide bass, vocals) Briggan Krauss (saxophone) Ches Smith (drums) Special Guests TBA
Shanir Blumenkranz and his new ensemble

10 pm
Kinan Azmeh—Electro-Clarino
Kinan Azmeh (clarinet and electronics)
Syrian Clarinetist/composer will be presenting a genre-blurring mixed works of Arabic Electro-Acoustic original compositions with musical and visual collaborators guests from his Gilgamesh Project.

10/17 Wednesday (KJ)
8 pm
Matt Munisteri and Brock Mumford
Matt Munisreri (guitar,vocals), Jon-Erik Kelso (cornet) Guests TBA
Brooklyn-bred guitarist (and MTO member) in his 1st Stone appearance

10 pm
Tony Scherr and friends
Tony Scherr (bass, guitar, vocals) Special guests
Bassist, guitarist, vocalist, 1/4 of Sex Mob,long time collaborater with Bill Frisell, Willie Nelson, Joey Baron and so many more with a special instrumental project put together for this event.

10/18 Thursday (JB)
8 pm
Paul Shapiro and Midnight Minyan
Paul Shapiro (tenor saxophone) Peter Apfelbaum (tenor saxophone) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Brian Mitchell (piano) Booker King (bass) Tony Lewis (drums)
Special all acoustic performance by Tzadik favorites Midnight Minyan.

10 pm
Doug Wamble, Ben Allison and Matt Wilson
Doug Wamble (guitar) Ben Allison (bass) Matt Wilson (drums)
Marsalis Music recording artist (and original MTO member) Doug Wamble in his first ever collaboration with two of the most critically regarded musicians in NYC today.

10/19 Friday (GG)
8 pm
Michael Blake's Hellbent
Michael Blake (tenor saxophone) Steven Bernstein (trumpet, slide trumpet) Marcus Rojas (tuba) Calvin Weston (drums)

10 pm
Sex Mob with Calvin Weston
Steven Bernstein (slide trumpet) Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Tony Scherr (bass) Calvin Weston (drums)
First NYC appereance since the end of Tonic by the Grammy nominated band Sex Mob...come to see their Grammy medallions, stay to hear their music.

10/20 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Charlie Burnham and Hidden City
Charlie Burnham (violin, mandolin, vocals) Dom Richards (bass) Marika Hughes (cello) Shahzad Ismaily (drums)
MTO violinist, member of Blood Ulmer's Odeysey Band, Cassandra Wilson collaborater...Charlie sings and plays his original songs...an incredible musician.

10 pm
G Calvin Weston and the Nassira Project
G Calvin Weston (drums, trumpet, vocals) Tom Spiker (guitar, bass) Brian Marsala (keyboards)

10/21 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Brad Sheppick Trio
Brad Sheppick (guitar) Gary Versace (organ) Mark Ferber (drums)
Brad Sheppick's long standing trio and a NYC mainstay.

10 pm
Peck Allmond Group
Dana Leong (cello, trombone) Gary Fisher (piano) Willard Dyson (drums)
Bonga Jean-Baptiste (Haitian drums, kalimba)
Peck Allmond (trumpet, reeds, kalimbas)
Peck Allmond is a multi-instumentalist who never stops expanding his musical world...also a friend of Steven Bernstein's since 3rd grade!

10/23 Tuesday (OL)
8 pm
Will Bernard, Ches Smith and Friends
Will Bernard (guitar) Ches Smith (drums)
Will is a recent NYC transplant, Palmetto recording artist and original member of Peter Apfelbaum's Heiroglyphics Ensemble and TJ Kirk.

10 pm
Erik Lawrence and Hipmotism
Erik Lawrence (baritone and tenor saxophones) Steven Bernstein (trumpet, slide trumpet) Rene Hart (bass) Allison Miller (drums)
This quartet recently released their 1st CD. Erik and Steven have been members of The Levon Helm band for the last three years..this is a soulful and poetic project.

10/24 Wednesday (BLG)
8 pm
Mario Pavone Project
Mario Pavone(bass) Craig Taborn (piano) Michael Sarin(drums) Steven Bernstein(trumpet, slide trumpet)

10 pm
Jonathan Finlayson/Steve Lehman Duo
Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet) Steve Lehman (alto saxophone)

10/25 Thursday (MF)
8 pm
Fight The Big Bull
Bob Miller (trumpet) Jason Arce (saxophones) Jason Scott (saxophones, clarinet) Reggie Pace (trombone) Bryan Hooten (trombone) Cameron Ralston (bass) Matt White (guitar, tunes) Pinson Chanselle (trap set, percussion)
An amalgamation of saxophones, trombones, trumpet, guitar, bass and drums, Fight the Big Bull is a display of spontaneous emotion filled with powerful significance and baptized in the traditions of the music. They are a band with such a wide palate of emotions that your tin heart cannot escape being moved—a freaky gospel choir/dance band full of horns and love that you should never ever miss. They are also marvelous people who are very charming conversationalists and operate with the understanding that in a world flooded with production and marketing all people want is to hear the truth—Fight the Big Bull has a very big heart, too big to lie. "From Richmond, Virginia....1st NYC performance"

10 pm
Peter Apfelbaum (tenor saxophone, piano, composition) Will Bernard (guitar) David Phelps (guitar) Marcus Rojas (tuba) Justin Brown (drums)
A special one time project for the Stone and a first time meeting between guitar virtuosos Bernard and Phelps.

10/26 Friday (GG)
8 and 10 pm
Steven Bernstein's Millennial Territory Orchestra
Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Art Baron (trombone) Charlie Burnham (violin) Doug Wieselman (clarinet) Peter Apfelbaum (tenor saxohone) Erik Lawrence (baritone, soprano saxophone) Matt Munisteri (guitar, vocals) Ben Allison (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)
First NYC show since premiering new scores to Laurel & Hardy films in Prospect Park, a rare opportunity to see MTO in Manhattan

10/27 Saturday (OL)
8 pm
Ben Perowsky Solo
Ben Perowsky (drums, percussion and sincussion)

10 pm
Briggan Krauss' Tactics Server
Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Karen Waltuch (viola) Kato Hideki (electronics) Mike Sarin (drums, percussion)

10/28 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Marcus Rojas Solo
Marcus Rojas (tuba, tubapercussion, tubasinging)

10 pm
Gina Leishman
Gina Leishman (vox, piano, sundry other instruments) Charlie Burnham (violin)
Marika Hughes (cello)
Kamikaze Ground Crew coleader, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer presents a special concert at the Stone.

"In the dark times, will there also be singing?" - Bertolt Brecht

10/30 Tuesday (MF)
8 pm
Suave Swing comes to Downtown Deep Space
Art Baron (trombone) Fred Staton (tenor sax) Ben Waltzer (piano) Bill Crow (bass) Vinnie Johnson (drums)

10 pm
ScienSonic Laboratories presents DIVERGENCE THEOREM
Scott Robinson (saxophones, clarinets, theremin) Guests TBA
Scott Robinson with Klaus Suonsaari, Dr. Sharon Robinson, Dr. Julian Thayer

Presenting a science-in-music kind of event called Divergence Theorem, Sharon will present a mathematical lecture with projection, blackboard, even handouts, within a piece of improvised music. She will be one of the performers, with math her instrument...and Jules is flying in from Ohio just to make this one-set performance.

10/31 Wednesday (HHCW)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn and many VERY special surprise guests present an evening of music, magic and madness.
Come out on this sacred night and support The Stone! Twenty Dollars.