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November 2008 at the Stone 
curated by Brad Lubman / Stephanie Stone

11/1 Saturday (DSNJ)
8 pm
Andy Akiho
Andy Akiho (steel pan)

10 pm
Ken Thomson and SLOW/FAST
Ken Thomson (alto sax, bass clarinet, composition) Russ Johnson (trumpet) Mike Gamble (guitar) Adam Armstrong (bass) Fred Kennedy (drums)

11/2 Sunday (JG)
8 pm
So Percussion
Josh Quillen, Adam Sliwinsky, Jason Treuting, Lawson White (percussion)

10 pm
Phil Everall (bass clarinet) Andy Kozar (trumpet) Will Lang (trombone) Jeff Gavett (baritone)
Loadbang plays musics new, improvised and electronic, written by the band and composer friends.

11/4 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
Gregg August and Guests
Gregg August (bass) Mike Lowenstern (bass clarinet) JD Allen (tenor saxophone) Rudy Royston (drums)

11/5 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Mark Stewart and Friends
Mark Stewart (guitar) Special guests

10 pm
The Music of Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman (composer)

11/6 Thursday (MP)
8 pm
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore (piano, voice, sampler)
Lisa Moore performing music by Don Byron, Annie Gosfield, Missy Mazzoli, David Lang and Martin Bresnick. For more Moore visit www.lisamoore.org

10 pm
Annie Gosfield/Roger Kleier
Roger Kleier (guitar) Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)
Annie and Lauren Radnofsky perform "Four Roses" for cello and sampler, followed by El Pocho Loco, Roger Kleier's new quartet, with an emphasis on noisy guitar instrumentals and improvisation. The premiere of the group features Roger Kleier, Annie Gosfield (composer), Trevor Dunn and Ches Smith.

11/7 Friday (TCBS)
8 pm
Olivia DePrato
Olivia De Prato, Elena Moon Park (violins) Victor Lowrie (viola) Isabel Castellvi (cello) David Broome (piano)
Olivia De Prato will perform solo and chamber works by NYC-based composers Samson Young, Caleb Burhans and Anna Clyne.

10 pm
James Moore (guitar) Jennifer Stock (electronics) Peter Wise (drums)
Oliphant combines overdriven fingerstyle guitar, live computer processing, and apocalyptic rhythms to create a driving folk-noise soundscape, which smoothly shifts gears from multimeter thrash to quiet ambient western soundtrack.

11/8 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
The Wierenga Manoeuvre:
Chris Wicks (alto saxophone, feedback) Red Wierenga (piano, respectronics) Greg Chudzik (acoustic bass, electronics) Jason Nazary (drums, percussion)
The debut performance of a new hardcore electro-acoustic free jazz ensemble.

10 pm
The Respect Sextet
Eli Asher (trumpet, toys) Josh Rutner (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, toys) James Hirschfeld (trombone, electronic valve instrument, toys) Red Wierenga (piano, respectronics) Malcolm Kirby (bass) Ted Poor (drums)
The Respect Sextet will perform copious free improvisations, selections from their forthcoming Sun Ra/Stochausen disc on Mode Records, and new themes from the work-in-progress Executive Suite.

11/9 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Ning Yu
Ning Yu (piano)

10 pm
Baljinder Sekhon, A Collection of Solo Works
Jacquelyn Adams (horn) Andy Akiho (pan) Matthew Barber (electronics) Isabel Castellvi (cello) Greg Chudzik (bass) Andrew Kozar (trumpet) Quinn Lewis (sax) Victor Lowrie (viola) Josh Modney, Olivia De Prato (violin) Sam Reich (piano) Baljinder Sekho (percussion)

11/11 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
itsnotyouitsme and 5707
Caleb Burhans (electric violin, keys, loops) Ryan Ferreira, Grey McMurray (electric guitar, loops) Garth Stevenson (bass, loops)
An evening of lush ambient soundscapes.

10 pm
Amanda Baker (viola) Nuiko Wadden (flute) Beth Meyers (harp)
Featuring music by Anna Clyne, Jason Treuting, and Caleb Burhans

11/12 Wednesday (TCDS)
8 pm
Jessica Schmitz and Kathy Supove
Jessica Schmitz (flute) Kathy Supove (piano)

10 pm
The Ukuladies
Katie Down (ukes, voice, toy piano, flute, glockenspiel, penny whistle, kazoo) Mary Myers (ukes, voice, kazoo, toys) Philippa Thompson (ukes, voice, fiddle, saw) Heather Warfel (tap and interpretive dance, toy accordion, party favors, antics)
Audience sing-a-longs? Cheap champagne? Balloon animals? Delicious bacon? What more could you want? The Ukuladies, a perpetually-touring, twin-sister, aunt, and one tap-dancing-cousin act from Winnipeg, Canada with a lust for life and its idle curiosities include fraternal twins Genevieve (Katie Down), Jimmy Lou (Philippa Thompson), Aunt Mary (Mary Myers), and Cousin Bunny (Heather Warfel) are proud to have hit nearly every Holiday Inn on the Eastern seaboard. Come and join the "ladies" as they share cowboy love songs, Hawaiian hits, Ruth Wallis medleys, George Fornby favorites, and originals tunes. (www.myspace.com/theukuladies)

11/13 Thursday (BSNJ)
8 pm
bedroom community
Steven Swartz (ukulele, voice, live electronics) Kristi Sunde (accordion, voice)
ukuelctronica: bedroom community performs The Waves Recede from Reseda and other songs, with live loops and the occasional backing track.

10 pm
Philippa Thompson
Philippa Thompson (voice, musical saw, spoons, ukulele, violin) Eli Asher (trumpet) Rose Bellini (cello) David Crowell (saxophone) Mary Myers (voice, piano) Eric Rockwin (bass) Ken Thomson (clarinet)
An evening of music (including several world premieres) for musical saw, spoons, and other non-traditional instruments written especially for Philippa. Music by Ryan Brown, John Cage, David Crowell, Ruby Fulton, Jonas Jurkunas, Chris Marianetti, Kate Moore, Matthew Schickele, John Wriggle.

11/14 Friday (TCBS)
8 pm
Todd Reynolds
Todd Reynolds (violin)

10 pm
Michael Lowenstern
Michael Lowenstern (bass clarinet, electronics)

11/15 Saturday (DSNJ)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn Improv Night I—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Scott Johnson (guitar) Ikue Mori (electronics) Jim Staley (trombone) Eyal Maoz (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass) Ches Smith (drums) and many special guests
Come out and support The Stone! A night of wild improvisation East Village style to benefit The Stone. TWENTY DOLLARS.

11/16 Sunday (JG)
8 pm
Shelley Hirsch
Shelley Hirsch (voices) Anthony Coleman (keyboards) Surprise guest

10 pm
Consilience and Altruism: Of the Other Way of Thinking and Stephanie Stone
Herb Robertson (trumpet) Marty Erhlich (clarinet, saxophone, flute) David Taylor (bass trombone) Terry McManus (guitar) Mark Helias (bass) Jay Rosen (drums)
“A Bio-Musical Imaginative Theoretical Tribute” written and created by Ana Isabel Ordonez. Improvisational patterns and concepts by Herb Robertson. Design created by Claude Marc Bourget. Performed by The Herb Robertson Sextet. The sense of exhilaration that characterize Herb Robertson’s experiences under improvisational patterns is heightened for his new sextet as storytellers by his complicated and sincere intellectual and emotional active exertion, and by the intensity of struggling with a creative process under the pressure of a steady beat. From the outset of this performance the improvisers will enter into an artificial world of time in which reactions to the unfolding events of Stephanie must be immediate. The consequence of their music and action will be irreversible.

11/18 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
Steve Dalachinsky
Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo (poetry) Stepahanie Stone (piano)

10 pm
Yuko Fujiyama (piano) Esther Noh (violin) Brian Snow (cello) Reggie Nicholson (drums)
This collective group will perform compositions that lead to colorful improvisations.

11/19 Wednesday (GG)
8 pm
Ikue Mori (laptop) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Suzie Ibarra (drums)

10 pm
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman (piano)

11/20 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Annie Gosfield Trio
Annie Gosfield (keyboards) Ches Smith (drums, percussion) Roger Kleier (electric guitar)

10 pm
Oscar Noriega
Oscar Noriega (sax, clarinets) Ches Smith (drums) Mary Halvorson (guitar)

11/21 Friday (TCBS)
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn Improv Night II—A Stone Benefit
Okkyung Lee (cello) John Zorn (sax) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Brian Chase (drums, electronics) Thomas Herberer (trumpet) Carlos Giffoni, Mattin (electronics) Surprise guests
These are the nights that pay our rent and expenses. Only with your help can we continue to bring you the best and most diverse programming in New York. Come out and support The Stone! TWENTY DOLLARS

11/22 Saturday (DSNJ)
8 pm
Robin Holcomb
Robin Holcomb (piano, voice) Doug Wieselman, Marty Ehrlich (clarinets, saxophones) David Hofstra (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)
Robin Holcomb with Doug Wieselman, Marty Ehrlich, David Hofstra and Kenny Wollesen playing music from Larks, They Crazy and new tunes.

10 pm
Mark Dresser
Mark Dresser (bass)

11/23 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Andrea Parkins
Andrea Parkins (laptop, electric accordion) Alex Waterman (cello) David Watson (bagpipes, electronics) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)

10 pm
Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoiser
Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoiser (piano)

11/25 Tuesday (JAW)
8 pm
Southern Satellites
William Parker (strings) Rob Brown (alto sax) Lewis Barnes (trumpet) Jason Hwang (violin) Dave Sewelson (baritone sax) Dave Hofstra (tuba) Asim Barnes (guitar) Gerald Cleaver, Henry Wood (drums) Isaiah Parker (keyboards) Omar Peyano (percussion) Special guest Cooper Moore (home made instrument) members of Vintage Blend

10 pm
Roy Campbell's Akhenaten Ensemble
Roy Campbell Jr. (trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, recorder, arghul) Billy Bang (violin) Bryan Carrott (vibes) William Parker (bass) Zen Matsuura (drums)

11/26 Wednesday (MP)
8 pm
Erik Friedlander
Erik Friedlander (cello)

10 pm
Joey Baron Solo
Joey Baron (drums)


11/28 Friday (TCBS)
8 pm
Sewelsonics (almost 25 O'Clock)
Dave Sewelson (bari sax) Joe Ruddick (piano) David Hofstra (bass) M.E. Miller (drums)

10 pm
Malaby/Sanchez/Rainey Trio
Tony Malaby (sax) Angie Sanchez (piano) Tom Rainey (drums)

11/29 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Black Hole--Tim Keiper/John Lee Duo
Tim Keiper (percussion, donso and kamel ngonis, voice) John Lee (guitars, harmonica, electric kazoo, voice) Special guests Cyro Baptista (percussion) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass, oud)

10 pm
Ned Rothenberg's Aggregate
Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Shanir Ezra Blumenkrantz (bass) Harris Eisenstadt (drums) Adam Rudolph (percussion)

11/30 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Butch Morris Conduction
Butch Morris with a spectacular ensemble

10 pm
Ellery Eskelin
Ellery Eskelin (tenor saxophone) Jamie Saft (organ) Jim Black (drums)