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April 2005 at the Stone 
curated by Ned Rothenberg

4/1 Friday
8 pm and 10 pm
John Zorn Improv Party
A Stone Benefit.

4/2 Saturday
8 pm
Milford Graves Trio
Milford Graves (drums) Hugh Glover (sax) Joe Rigby (sax)

10 pm
Tony Buck, Ned Rothenberg, Dave Tronzo, Stomu Takeishi
Tony Buck (drums) Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Dave Tronzo (guitar) Stomu Takeishi (electric bass)

Ujino Muneteru
Ujino Muneteru (custom made instruments) Mike Guy (guitar)
A special midnight show featuring Japanese performance artist and manic musician Ujino, who makes a rare US appearance with his custom built 'Love Arm.'

4/3 Sunday
8 pm
Matt Wilson Quartet
Andrew D'Angelo and Jeff Lederer (reeds) Chris Lightcap (bass) Matt Wilson (drums)

10 pm
All Ears
Herb Robertson (trumpet) Frans Vermeerssen (tenor sax, composer) Frank Gratkowski (alto sax) Michiel Braam (piano, composer) Wilbert DeJoode (bass) Michael Vatcher (drums)
Free music, full of furious improvisations, yet eminently listenable -- the specialty of international sextet All Ears. Unusual music, but once you've heard it you'll immediately recognize it again: happy, virtuosic and dogma free.

4/5 Tuesday
8 pm
Jane Rigler and Wade Matthews
Jane Rigler (flutes, electronics) Wade Matthews (reeds, electronics)
Live electronics and woodwinds weave a personal and nuanced musical interaction. The music is immediate and spontaneous, with a degree of risk that musicians only reach when they have played together a lot.  Matthews and Rigler have performed in numerous festivals and concert series in both Europe and the United States, but this will be their first performance together in New York.

10 pm
Shoko Nagai (Acoustic Piano) Kenta Nagai (Guitar and Electronics)
Shoko and Kenta explore the possibility of sound sculpting through 20th century music, free  improvisation and real-time audio processing. By extracting, magnifying and modifying the past musical event, they make "passing of time" a visual experience.

4/6 Wednesday
8 pm
Mark Dresser Trio
Mark Dresser (acoustic bass) Denman Maroney (piano) Herb Robertson (trumpet)

10 pm
Songs For My Father
Joe McPhee (sax and trumpet)
Joe McPhee in a rare New York solo performance, celebrating the 100th Birthday (March 27th) of trumpeter Joseph J. McPhee, Sr.  "My Dad gave me the gift of music when I was eight years old, and I am forever grateful!"

4/7 Thursday
8 pm
The Callithumpian Consort + New England Conservatory [shivaree]
Stephen Drury (director)
Chamber music in the modern vein, featuring string quartets by John Zorn and "Stanley Kubrick's Mountain Home" for soprano, banjo and ensemble by Paul Elwood, with Ilana Davidson (soprano).

10 pm
Steve Swell Quartet
Steve Swell (trombone) Sabir Matteen (saxophone) Matt Heyner (bass) Klaus Kugel (drums)

4/8 Friday
8 pm
Susie Ibarra Solo
Susie Ibarra (percussion)

10 pm
Rob Burger's Lost Photograph
Rob Burger (accordion, piano, prepared and toy pianos) Doug Wieselman (clarinet, bass clarinet, guitar) Greg Cohen (bass) Roberto Rodriguez (drums, percussion)
"Lost Photograph" is Rob Burger's excuse to change instruments on every tune. This New York based multi-dimensional music maker (and original member of Tin Hat Trio) comes together with a unique band to perform a set of his signature cinematic, latin-lounge vignettes from his latest solo release (Tzadik). Please bring Silly Putty.

4/9 Saturday
8 pm
William Parker and Perry Robinson
William Parker (bass) Perry Robinson (clarinet)

10 pm
Erik Friedlander's Broken Arm Trio
Erik Friedlander (cello) Greg Cohen (bass) Mike Sarin (drums)
Erik Friedlander tosses away his bow for this new trio, playing only pizzicato in a world steeped in the influences of Oscar Pettiford and the small group feel of Herbie Nichols. In 1950 Oscar Pettiford broke his arm playing baseball. He could still move his fingers even though his arm was in a cast, so he was able to experiment with a cello a friend had lent him. He tuned the cello like a bass only an octave higher and later recorded one of the great, under-recognized LP's, "My Little Cello."

4/10 Sunday
8 pm
Earl Howard Trio
Earl Howard (synthesizer, sax) Alan Lechusza (reeds) Gustavo Aguilar (percussion)

10 pm
Warren Smith Quartet
Warren Smith (percussion) Andrew Lamb (saxophone) Mark Taylor (french horn) Tom Abbs (acoustic bass)

4/12 Tuesday
8 pm
Ursel Schlicht and Reuben Radding
Ursel Schlicht (piano) Reuben Radding (acoustic bass)
A duo dedicated to free improvisation. Featured at the Festival of Creative Music in Seattle (May 2004), Location One (12/2004), this is their first duo performance of the season. They recently completed a live CD. More info at urselschlicht.com and reubenradding.com

10 pm
Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura
Satoko Fujii (piano) Natsuki Tamura (trumpet) with guest Elliott Sharp
Pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, two of Japan's most innovative improvisers, make a rare U.S. appearance in a trio with guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Elliott Sharp to celebrate the release of their new CD, "In the Tank," at The Stone on April 12. Although each player  is an accomplished composer, for this special collaboration, they engage in  free improvisations that draw on an Eastern sense of space and silence and the extended techniques of contemporary improvisation.

4/13 Wednesday
8 pm
Marina Rosenfeld and Tatsuya Nakatani
Marina Rosenfeld (turntables, original dub plates) Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion)

10 pm
Anthony Burr, Okkyung Lee, Ted Reichman
Okkyung Lee (cello) Anthony Burr (clarinets) Ted Reichman (accordion)

4/14 Thursday
8 pm
Andy Laster's Sounds of Cairo
Erik Friedlander (cello) Kermit Driscoll (bass) Curtis Hasselbring (trombone)
Andy Laster (clarinet, saxophone)
Songs inspired by Egyptian composers from the 1920s, such as Dawud Husni and Zaki Murad. 

10 pm
Dave Soldier's The Spinozas
Dave Soldier (composition, flamenco guitar) Paco Gutarra (guitar) Nati (vocals) Alan Kushan (santir) Nelida Tirado (palmas) Richard Khuzami (dumbek, bendir)
Exploring the original popular song, from medieval Andalusia, with the original Arabic, Hebrew and Romance poetry and new music by Soldier.

4/15 Friday
8 pm
Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier
Mark Feldman (violin) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)
Mark and Sylvie play the music of John Zorn.

10 pm
Ikue Mori

4/16 Saturday
8 pm
In and Around Kurt Weill
Shelley Hirsch (voice, electronics) Anthony Coleman (piano)

10 pm
Elliott Sharp Orchestra Carbon Conducted by Butch Morris
Jenny Lin (piano) Ron Lawrence (viola) Juho Laitenen (cello) Okkyung Lee (cello) Reuben Radding (bass) Kevin Ray (bass) Kinan Azmeh (reeds) Janes Fei (reeds) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Chris McIntire (trombone) Deep Singh (percussion) Danny Tunick (percussion) E# (electroacoustic guitar, bass clarinet)
Elliott Sharp's Orchestra Carbon performs "Quarks Swim Free." Composed for the Venice Bienalle 2003, QSF transforms the ensemble into an organism that builds massive grooves and textures by recombining and chaining the musical molecules at its core.

4/17 Sunday
8 pm
Ayman Fanous and Tomas Ulrich
Ayman Fanous (guitar) Tomas Ulrich (cello)
The improvising duo of Ayman Fanous and Tomas Ulrich explores the musical world where Flamenco, jazz, contemporary classical music and free improvisation collide. The unique chemistry of this ensemble is truly special and their recently completed first cd will be released shortly.

10 pm
Frank London and Party
Playing music from his Tzadik releases "Scientist At Work", "The Debt", "Invocations", and the upcoming "Hazonos", trumpeter Frank London and a host of special guests will celebrate The Stone's opening with compositions and improvisations ancient to the future, music that is at turns meditative introspective and celebratory exuberant.

4/19 Tuesday
8 pm
Raz Mesinai's Shadow Music
Raz Mesinai (percussion, flutes, electronics) Ted Reichman (accordion) Miguel Frasconi (glass percussion) and others
Raz Mesinai's most recent project explores soundscapes that expand over time.

10 pm
Imaginary Folk
Peter Evans (trumpets, stereo) Jessica Pavone (viola, stereo) Amie Weiss (violin) Brandon Seabrook (banjo, tapes)

4/20 Wednesday
8 pm
Anthony Coleman Chamber Music
Anthony Coleman (piano) Doug Wieselman (clarinet, sax, guitar) Jim Pugliese (percussion) Marco Cappelli (guitar)
Music from upcoming Tzadik Composers Series CD, hopefully including a new piece...

10 pm
Tim Berne Trio
Tim Berne (sax) Erik Friedlander (cello) Tom Rainey (drums)

4/21 Thursday
8 pm
New Winds
Ned Rothenberg (reeds) Robert Dick (flutes) Herb Robertson (trumpet)

10 pm
Kevin Norton Bauhaus Quartet
Kevin Norton (percussion) Tony Malaby (sax) John Lindberg (bass) Dave Ballou (trumpet)
The "bauhaus" Quartet travels between transparent chamber textures, through swing, to intense, incisive free-blowing.  The music presented here owes a debt to the passionate "free" jazz of the 1960s as well as the more intricate compositional structures of the 1980s.

4/22 Friday
8 pm
Gisburg (vocals) Phil Painson (sampler percussion, beats) with guest John King (guitar)
Before heading to Berlin, Douce plays a farewell to NYC with a mixture of Trip Hop and Brecht songs (Brecht, Eissler, Dessau, Weill), Douce songs from the movie soundtrack "High Life" and new songs.

10 pm
Cooper Moore Piano Solo

4/23 Saturday
8 pm
Mark Helias (bass) Gerry Hemingway (drums) Ray Anderson (trombone)

10 pm
Kermit Driscoll Quartet
Driscoll (acoustic bass) John Gentry Tennyson (keyboards) Karl Latham (drums) Terry McManus (guitar)
New original compositions to satisfy your soul!

4/24 Sunday
8 pm
Jason Kao Hwang and Sang Won Park
Jason Kao Hwang (violin) Sang Won Park (kayagum, ajang)
Their collaborations over the past twelve years have developed a cross-cultural musical language revealing unusual facets of sonic emotion.

10 pm
Gianni Gebbia, Massimo Pupillo and Lukas Ligeti
Gianni Gebbia (saxophones) Massimo Pupillo (electric bass) Lukas Ligeti (drums)
A high-energy, sonically and rhythmically probing trio of two Italian musicians (Gebbia has collaborated with Peter Kowald, Fred Frith, Pina Bausch, and is an experimental music activist in his hometown of Palermo; Pupillo, from Rome, plays bass in the crazily-tight-but-full-of-abandon band Zu, The Ex, etc.) and one from NYC (Ligeti, known through his work with Henry Kaiser, Raoul Björkenheim, classical compositions on Tzadik, experiments in Africa, etc.). Their CD, "The Williamsburg Sonatas", was recently released to rave reviews on the super-hip label Wallace Records from Milan.

4/26 Tuesday
8 pm
Shelley Burgon (harp) Annie Gosfield (piano) Okkyung Lee (cello)
Disturbing and delicate music.

10 pm
Drew Gress (bass) Tim Berne (sax) Tom Rainey (drums)

4/27 Wednesday
8 pm
The Marty Ehrlich Quartet
Marty Ehrlich (reeds) James Weidman (piano) Lindsey Horner (bass) Allison Miller (drums)
It's great to have a music space named for Irving Stone. We'll make a joyful noise, soft and loud, unto his name.

10 pm
Mario Pavone's Totem Quartet
Mario Pavone (bass) Tony Malaby (saxophones) Angelica Sanchez (piano) Kevin Norton (drums, vibes) with guest Marty Ehrlich
Bassist and Composer  Mario Pavone celebrates his 40th year in music with new works for the Totem quartet.

4/28 Thursday
8 pm
Roy Nathanson
Roy Nathanson (sax) Sam Bardfield (violin) Gerald Cleaver (drums) Tim Kiah (bass)

10 pm
Bill Ware III (vibes) Brad Jones (bass) Tommasso Cappellato (drums)
Vibraphone trio featuring Bill Ware III (The Jazz Passengers, Groove Collective, Steely Dan) and Bassist Brad Jones (The Jazz Passengers, Dave Douglas, AKA Alias). Groovy vibey jazz from then to now.

4/29 Friday
8 pm
Charles Gayle Group
Charles Gayle (saxophone, piano) Hill Greene (bass) and Jay Rosen (drums)

10 pm
Roy Campbell and Tazz
Roy Campbell (trumpet) Andrew Bemkey (piano) Chris Sullivan (bass) Mike Thompson (drums)

4/30 Saturday
8 pm
The Laura Andel Electric Percussive Orchestra performs  I n : : t e n s i o n
Kyoko Kitamura (voice, electronics) Nate Wooley (cornet) Carl Maguire (prepared fender rhodes, accordion) Ursel Schlicht (piano, prepared piano) Kenta Nagai (electric fretless guitar, electronics) Joel Harrison (electric guitar, electronics) Khabu Young (electric baritone guitar, electronics) David Simons (theremin, electronics, percussion) Andrew Drury (percussion) Danny Tunick (drums) Laura Andel (composition, conducting)
Percussive, intimate, visceral, ritual, and electrically charged, this music explores the tension points and internal pulses, glimpses and gestures in a non-narrative world. A 60-minute work recently written by Argentinean composer Laura Andel for 10 musicians and conductor, I n : : t e n s i o n : will be performed by her newly created ensemble, the Electric Percussive Orchestra. In this music, each performer is specially challenged to contribute their own creativity and to generate an intense connection among the other players. More info: http://www.lauraandel.com

10 pm
Pheeroan Ak Laff
Pheeroan Ak Laff returns to solo performance in "Bridge To Dissent"; a collaboration with filmmaker Tomas Casas. Pheeroan is primarily known for his rhythm and texture with drums and percussion that has been a prized document of  late Twentieth Century expressionism in Jazz (Andrew Hill, Yosuke Yamashita, Mal Waldon).  In his solo oratorio he has utilized a theme of peace activism and dissent to war and hegemony. With meditations on sacred words and deeds of ancient days he returns to stage with a percussion, vocal and multi-media performance to evolve the spirit of human interaction.