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August 2006 at the Stone 
curated by Kenny Wollesen

8/1 Tuesday
8 and 10 pm
John Zorn Improv Night—A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Ikue Mori (electronics) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) and many special guests
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8/2 Wednesday
8 pm
Mike Dillon and Skerik
Mike Dillon (percussion, vibraphone, tablas) Skerik (saxophones)

10 pm
Richard Marriott and Fawzia Afzal Khan—Hocketed Brass Structures
Richard Marriott (trombone, Balinese suling, compositions)
Christopher McIntyre (trombone) Peter Zummo (trombone) Fawzia Afzal Khan (North Indian singer) Special guests on tuba & percussion.
A new sound for hocketed brass based on Indonesian and Central African models

8/3 Thursday
8 pm
Reut Regev R*Time
Reut Regev (trombones, percussion) Igal Foni (drums)
"Explosive Brass and Percussion In Your Face"

10 pm
Jonathon Finlayson and Steve Lehman
Jonathon Finlayson (trumpet) Steve Lehman (saxophones) and special guests

8/4 Friday
8 pm
Jeff Ballard and Mark Turner
Jeff Ballard (drums) Mark Turner (tenor saxophone)

10 pm
The Ras Ensemble
Ras Moshe (tenor saxophone, flute) Dafna Naphtali (vocals, electronics, electric vocals) Jeff Arnal (drums, percussion) Fedreici Ughi (drums, percussion)

8/5 Saturday
8 pm
Addi Somekh—Balloon Drums
Addi Somekh (balloon bass) Danny Frankel (balloon drums) Kenny Wollesen (balloon drums)
Master balloon twister creates one-of-a-kind instruments for this performance

10 pm
Addi Somekh (balloon bass) Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Henry Bermudez (guitar) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

8/6 Sunday
8 pm
Dan Weiss Trio
Dan Weiss (drums) Thomas Morgan (bass) Jacob Sacks (piano)

10 pm
Jonathon Haffner
Jonathon Haffner (alto saxophone) Bob Hoffnar (pedal steel) Chris Lightcap (bass) Dan Weiss (drums)

8/8 Tuesday
8 pm
Shoko Nagai’s Ephemeral
Ned Rothenberg (shakuhachi, clarinet, bass clarinet) Jennifer Choi (violin)
Shoko Nagai (piano, prepared piano, antique organ, sho) Stomu Takeishi (bass) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion, electronics)

10 pm
Scott Robinson (saxophones) Jules Thayer (bass)

8/9 Wednesday
8 pm
For Living Lovers
Brandon Ross (guitar) Stomu Takishi (electric bass)

10 pm
Dave Binney - Tom Rainey Duo
Dave Binney (alto saxophone, sampler) Tom Rainey (drums)

8/10 Thursday
8 pm
Stomu Takeishi
Stomu Takeishi (electric bass, effects) Lucia Pulido (voice)

10 pm
Angelica Sanchez
Angelica Sanchez (piano) Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone) Herb Robertson (trumpet) Mark Helias (bass) Ches Smith (drums)

8/11 Friday
8 pm
John Herbert Group
John Hebert (bass) Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone) Michael Attias (saxophones) Nasheet Waits (drums)

10 pm
Michael Winograd's Infection
Michael Winograd (clarinet, saxophone) Jessica Lurie (saxophone, flute) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Jorge Roeder (bass) Jason Nazary (percussion)
Jon Singer (xylophone)

8/12 Saturday
8 pm
Tony Malaby Solo
Tony Malaby (tenor saxophone)
First solo performance!

10 pm
Briggan Krauss (alto and baritone saxophone) Ikue Mori (electronics) Jim Black (drums and percussion)

8/13 Sunday
8 pm
Dafnis Prieto and Kokayi
Dafnis Prieto (drums) Kokayi (vocals)

10 pm
Dafnis Prieto and Kokayi
Dafnis Prieto (drums) Kokayi (vocals)

8/15 Tuesday
8 pm
Jordan McLean
Jordan McLean (trumpet, orchestration) Shoko Nagai (piano, accordian, organ) Satoshi Takeshi (percussion, electronics) Patrick Petty (cello) Stuart Bogie (bass, harmonica) Jeremiah Lockwood (dobro, vocals)
Ancient, classical era and 20th century folk song and piano literature, from the Troubadours to Mompou, from Siberia to Ives.

10 pm
Cartoon Satellite
On Davis (guitars) Dalius (drums) Nick Gianni (saxophones)

8/16 Wednesday
8 and 10pm
The Music of Group Five
Brian Blade (drums) Jon Cowherd (piano) Joel Frahm (tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone) Myron Walden (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) Doug Weiss (bass)

8/17 Thursday
8 pm
Mark Guiliana (drums) Troy Zeigler (drums) and special guests

10 pm
Gerald Cleaver
Gerald Cleaver (drums) Craig Taborn (piano) William Parker (bass)

8/18 Friday
8 pm
Roman Dogs
Jessica Lurie (saxophones, flute, vocals) Brandon Seabrook (guitars, banjo) George Rush (bass) Andrew Drury (drums) Will Holzhauser (accordion)

10 pm
Sunny Jain Collective
Sunny Jain (drums) Rez Abbasi (guitar, sitar guitar) Steve Welsh (tenor saxophone, effects) Gary Wang (acoustic bass)
Master drummer from the South Asian Diaspora! Tonight's performance features music from their April 2006 release, Avaaz (sinj records)

8/19 Saturday
8 pm
Andrew Drury Trio
Peter Evans (trumpets) Briggan Krauss (alto saxophone) Andrew Drury (drums)

10 pm
Dion Paci's Adopted Eye
Dion Paci (guitar) Evan Lipson (bass) Tony Catastrophe (drums)

8/20 Sunday
8 pm
Dana Maisel—Ruminations
Dana Maisel (poetry, harmonium, gong, oars, constraint)
Stars burn brighter for the daylight. Water fills the air. Remember. The stroke of the hand. The hand that strikes. The mirrors that never cease shattering. The echo that only expands. The infinite limits. Duality pure. Darkness eternal. Disband

10 pm
Entropy and Ocean
Dana Maisel (poetry, gong) Jim Pugliese (drums, percussion) Jenny Lin (piano) Audrey Chen (cello) Doug Wieselman (clarinet)

8/22 Tuesday
8 pm
Sarah Wilson Quintet
Sarah Wilson (composer, trumpet, vocals) Peck Allmond (tenor saxophone) Steve Cardenas (guitar) Jerome Harris (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)
Evander Music CD Release Party celebrating "Music for an imaginary play"

10 pm
Peck Allmond and Kalimba Kollective
Peck Allmond (trumpet, saxophone, flute, kalimbas, tromboniam, percussion) Tiga Jean Baptiste (digeridoo, haitian drum, mbira) Gary Fisher (piano) Bonga Jean Baptiste (haitian drum, kalimba) Rufus Cappadocia (electric 5-string cello) Kenny Wollesen (drums, vibes, bass kalimba)

8/23 Wednesday
8 pm
Sarah Wilson New Works
Sarah Wilson (composer, trumpet) Charlie Burnham (violin) Art Baron (trombone) Jerome harris (bass) Satoshi Takishi (drums, percussion)

10 pm
Lan Xang
Donny McCaslin (tenor saxophone) Scott Colley (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Dave Binney (alto saxophone)
Very rare performance of Lan Xang

8/24 Thursday
8 pm
Refosco and Friends
Refosco (percussion) Smokey Hormel (guitars)
plus special guests

10 pm
Eric McPherson
Eric McPherson (drums) Nasheet Waits (drums) Abraham Burton (saxophones)

8/25 Friday
8 pm
Marcus Rojas Solo
Marcus Rojas (tuba)
First solo perfomance in 6 years!

10 pm
Dougie Bowne
Dougie Bowne (drums) musicians TBA

8/26 Saturday
8 pm
Hardedge (sound design)
very exciting solo performance of this great electronics artist!

10 pm
Here and Now Orkestra
Tim Kieper (drums) Daniel Jodocy (drums) Dalius (drums) Jonas Mekas (voice, trumpet) Jonathon Haffner (alto saxophone) Monica Heidemann (voice) Guyora Kats (piano)

8/27 Sunday
8 pm
Jessica Jones Quartet
Jessica Jones (tenor saxophone, piano) Tony Jones (tenor saxophone) James Windsor-Wells (drums) Ken Filiano (bass)

10 pm
Passage of Deformed Man Supermarket
Tom Vanderwall (hand-made instruments) Phil Sterk (pedal steel, hand-made instruments)
One-of-kind home-made instruments!

8/29 Tuesday
8 pm
Ron Miles (cornet) Erik Deutsch (keyboards) Roger Green (guitar) Glenn Taylor (pedal steel guitar)
Cornet great brings his Denver-based band to The Stone

10 pm
Raha Raissnia and Charles Curtis
Charles Curtis (sound design) Raha Raissnia (hand-painted film projections, super-8 movies)
Rare performance of this unique duo!

8/30 Wednesday
8 pm
Stone Benefit with Wollesonic
Kenny Wollesen (drums) On Davis (guitar) plus many suprise guests....
Support freedom of expression by supporting The Stone

10 pm
Stone Benefit with Wollesonic
Kenny Wollesen (drums) On Davis (guitar) plus many suprise guests....
Help support The Stone!

8/31 Thursday
8 pm
Peter Apfelbaum / Abdoulaye Diabate Duo
Peter Apfelbaum (piano) Abdoulaye Diabate (vocals)

10 pm
Peter Apfelbaum Trio
Peter Apfelbaum (piano, tenor saxophone, flute) Patrice Blanchard (bass) Aaron Johnston (drums)