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April 2017 at the Stone 
curated by Steven Bernstein / Greg Cohen / Jeremiah Cymerman / Wadada Leo Smith / Chuck Bettis

4/1 Saturday
9 pm
Blue Campfire
Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Dave Tronzo (guitar) Larry Campbell (guitar) Steve Cardenas (guitar)

4/2 Sunday
9 pm
Universal Melody Brass Band
Frank London (trumpet) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Art Baron (trombone) Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) Matt Darrio (sax) Oscar Noriega (sax) Marcus Rojaz (tuba) Billy Martin (drums)

APR 4–9

4/4 Tuesday (RK)
9 pm
Marc Ribot and Greg Cohen duo
Marc Ribot (guitar) Greg Cohen (bass)

4/5 Wednesday (RK)
9 pm
Elias Stemeseder (piano) Greg Cohen (bass) and a special guest on drums

4/6 Thursday
9 pm
Masada String Trio
Mark Feldman (violin) Erik Friedlander (cello) Greg Cohen (bass)

4/7 Friday (HM)
9 pm
Dave Douglas (trumpet) Scott Robinson (reeds) Ray Anderson (trombone) Ted Rosenthal (piano) Greg Cohen (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

4/8 Saturday (DDT)
9 pm
Uri Caine (piano) Greg Cohen (bass) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

4/9 Sunday (DDT)
9 pm
Marty Ehrlich (bass clarinet) Greg Cohen (bass) Ken Peplowski (clarinet)

As a special treat, each concert will begin with a short solo performance by some of Jeremiah's favorite musicians and best friends.
APR 11–16

4/11 Tuesday
9 pm
Jeremiah Cymerman & Nate Wooley
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Nate Wooley (trumpet, amplifier)
An evening of solos and duos with trumpet maverick Nate Wooley

4/12 Wednesday
9 pm
Pale Horse Expanded Ensemble
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Christopher Hoffman (cello) Brian Chase (drums) and special guests

4/13 Thursday
9 pm
Hate Speech / Trevor Dunn Solo
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Charlie Looker (guitar) Trevor Dunn (bass)

4/14 Friday
9 pm
TRIO / Brandon Lopez Solo
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, pedals) Matt Mitchell (piano) Chris Corsano (drums) Brandon Lopez (bass)

4/15 Saturday
9 pm
Bloodmist / Charlie Looker Solo
Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet, electronics) Toby Driver (bass) Mario Diaz de Leon (guitar) Charlie Looker (guitar, voice)

4/16 Sunday
9 pm
Systema Munditotius
Jeremiah Cymerman, Patrick Holmes, Matt Bauder, Aaron Novik (clarinets) Ryan Sawyer, Russell Greenberg (percussion)
“It began with a restlessness, but I did not know what it meant or what ‘they’ wanted of me. There was an ominous atmosphere all around me. I had the strange feeling that the air was filled with ghostly entities. Then it was as if my house began to be haunted....”

APR 18–23

4/18 Tuesday
9 pm
Wadada Leo Smith & Hardedge: The Nile—Solo / Duo / Solo / Duo
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Hardedge (sound design)

4/19 Wednesday (HM)
9 pm
Wadada Leo Smith, Angelica Sanchez & Pheeroan AkLaff
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Angelica Sanchez (piano) Pheeroan AkLaff (drums)

4/20 Thursday
9 pm
String Quartet No. 13 (for Four Violas with Trumpet and Electronics)
Stephanie Griffin (viola) Gwen Lester (viola) Tanya Kalmanovitch (viola) Jason Kao Hwang (viola) Hardedge (electronics) Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet)

4/21 Friday
9 pm
Wadada Leo Smith with DarkMatterHalo
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Brandon Ross (electric guitar) Doug Wieselman (electric guitar) Hardedge (sound design)

4/22 Saturday
9 pm
Wadada Leo Smith & Bill Laswell
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Bill Laswell (electric bass)

4/23 Sunday
9 pm
String Quartet No. 14 with Trumpet and Percussion Interlude
Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet) Reggie Nicholson (percussion) and a
String Quartet

APR 25–30

4/25 Tuesday
9 pm
Mick Barr (guitar, banjo) Chuck Bettis (electronics, throat) Johnny DeBlase (bass) Mike Pride (drums)
A very rare chance to experience this murky dungeon thunder.

In collaboration with National Sawdust The Stone presents a series of World Premieres the last Wednesday of every month through 2017.
7pm at National Sawdust in Williamsburg. For details check https://nationalsawdust.org/event/jazz-stone-commissioning-series/

4/26 Wednesday
9 pm
Die Trommel Fatale
Brandon Seabrook (guitar, compositions) Marika Hughes (cello) Eivind Opsvik, Henry Fraser (double bass) Chuck Bettis (electronics, throat) Dave Truet (drums) Sam Ospovat (drums)
Pre-apocalyptic summit, oozing centuries of purloined caterwauls. A sorceric phenomenon of wood, steel and flesh featuring a clangorous array of aural spasms and geometric quickstep grotesquerie.

4/27 Thursday
9 pm
Snake Union vs. Soft Circle
Dave Grant (modular synth) Chuck Bettis (electronics) Hisham Akira Bharoocha (drums)
A first time meeting of these pillars of the underground.

4/28 Friday
9 pm
Mick Barr (guitar) Chuck Bettis (electronics) Evan Rapport (sax) Franke Vogl (prepared bass)
Ecstatic spontaneous compositions by the collective. Featuring members of Krallice, Meta-matics and Companion Trio.

4/29 Saturday
9 pm
Matmos & Chuck Bettis
Drew Daniel, Chuck Bettis (electronics) M.C. Schmidt (piano, objects, electronics)
The sound of surprise.

4/30 Sunday (HM)
9 pm
Mephista with Chuck Bettis
Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Susie Ibarra (drums) Ikue Mori, Chuck Bettis (electronics)
Calculated chaos balanced on a razor.


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