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May 2014 at the Stone 
curated by Annie Gosfield / Okkyung Lee / Paola Prestini / Susie Ibarra / Flux Quartet


5/1 Thursday (RK)
8 pm
String Noise
Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris (violins)
String Noise premieres a concert-length new work for dueling violins. Inspired by the transformations, collisions, and wild sonic phenomena of jammed radio signals, in a piece that combines clandestine radio broadcasts, improvisation, and traditional notation.

10 pm
Ikue Mori and Annie Gosfield
Ikue More and Annie Gosfield
Ikue Mori (electronics) and Annie Gosfield (sampling keyboard)
The second set continues the theme of radio jamming: the purely electronic counterpart is a collaborative piece inspired by jammed radio, colliding audio, and battling signals.

5/2 Friday (AV)
8 pm
Annie Gosfield, Roger Kleier and Ches Smith
Annie Gosfield (sampling keyboard) Roger Kleier (guitar) Ches Smith (drums, percussion)
Gosfield’s trio performs the signature piece “EWA7” inspired by a residency in the factories of Nuremberg, Germany, mixing metal, machines, and surface noise of industrial environments.

10 pm
Stephen Gosling, James Ilgenfritz
Stephen Gosling (piano) James Ilgenfritz (bass)
Stephen Gosling performs “Lightning Slingers and Dead Ringers” for piano and sampler, a wild ride through original analog synth sounds, machine samples, and careening prepared piano. Plus other piano music by Gosfield. James Ilgenfritz performs “Rolling Sevens and Dreaming Elevens,” for contrabass, a solo work that incorporates an electronic aesthetic into a purely acoustic piece.

5/3 Saturday (AV)
8 pm
Billy Martin, Roger Kleier and Annie Gosfield
Billy Martin (drums) Roger Kleier (guitar) Annie Gosfield (keyboards)

10 pm
Billy Martin, Roger Kleier, Annie Gosfield and Chris Cochrane
Billy Martin (drums) Roger Kleier, Chris Cochrane (guitars) Annie Gosfield (keyboards)

5/4 Sunday (JA)
8 pm
Annie Gosfield, Max Mandel, and Eric Huebner
Annie Gosfield (piano, sampling keyboard) Max Mandel (viola) Eric Huebner (piano)
A rare solo set by Gosfield, the first in 15 years in New York City, that includes pieces for sampler, piano, detuned radios, baseballs, and cement mixer. Plus a raucous 2014 work for viola and piano performed by Max Mandel and Eric Huebner, and James Ilgenfritz performing “Rolling Sevens and Dreaming Elevens,” for contrabass, a solo work that incorporates an electronic aesthetic into a purely acoustic piece.

10 pm
George Kentros, Max Mandel, and Eric Huebner
George Kentros (violin) Max Mandel (viola) Eric Huebner (piano)
Stockholm-based violinist George Kentros performs the premiere of a 3-part radio inspired trilogy started 10 years ago and performed as a whole for the first time tonight. Plus a raucous 2014 work for viola and piano performed by Max Mandel and Eric Huebner.

5/5 Monday (BLG)
8 and 10 pm
Jon Madof’s Zion80 plays John Zorn’s Book of Angels
Jon Madof (guitar, conductor) Matt Darriau (alto sax) Greg Wall (tenor sax) Frank London (trumpet) Jessica Lurie (bari sax, flute) Zach Mayer (bari sax) Yoshie Fruchter (guitar) Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass) Brian Marsella (keyboard) Marlon Sobol (percussion) Yuval Lion (drums)
Zion80 returns to The Stone for two sets of music from John Zorn’s Book of Angels!

MAY 6—11

5/6 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Laurie Anderson and Okkyung Lee
Laurie Anderson (violin) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Ches Smith and Okkyung Lee
Ches Smith (drums) Okkyung Lee (cello, composition)
Premiere of Okkyung's new compositions for cello and drums.

5/7 Wednesday (BK)
8 pm
Ikue Mori, Vijay Iyer and Okkyung Lee
Ikue Mori (computer) Vijay Iyer (piano) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Kim Gordon and Okkyung Lee
Kim Gordon (guitar, voice) Okkyung Lee (cello)

5/8 Thursday (KR)
8 pm
Theo Bleckmann and Okkyung Lee
Theo Bleckmann (voice, electronics) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Marina Rosenfeld and Okkyung Lee
Marina Rosenfeld (turntable) Okkyung Lee (cello)

5/9 Friday (DDT)
8 pm
Perpetual Strangers
Liberty Ellman (guitar) Ches Smith (drums) Tim Lüntzel (bass) Okkyung Lee (cello, composition)

10 pm
Jenny Hval, Håvard Volden and Okkyung Lee
Jenny Hval (voice, keyboard) Håvard Volden (guitar) Okkyung Lee (cello)

5/10 Saturday (SV)
8 pm
C Spencer Yeh and Okkyung Lee
C Spencer Yeh (violin, voice) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Chris Corsano, Bill Nace and Okkyung Lee
Chris Corsano (drums) Bill Nace (guitar) Okkyung Lee (cello)

5/11 Sunday (BS)
8 pm
Craig Taborn, Tyshawn Sorey and Okkyung Lee
Craig Taborn (piano) Tyshawn Sorey (drums) Okkyung Lee (cello)

10 pm
Michelle Boulé and Okkyung Lee
Michelle Boulé (objects) Okkyung Lee (cello, sounds)

MAY 13—18

5/13 Tuesday (RJP)
8 and 10 pm
Vijay Iyer, Jeff Zeigler, Scott Colley and Satoshi Takeishi
Vijay Iyer (piano) Jeff Zeigler (cello) Scott Colley (bass) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

5/14 Wednesday (SV)
8 pm
Gity Razaz
Gity Razaz (composer)

10 pm
Niloufar Talebi
Niloufar Talebi (poetry, music)

5/15 Thursday (ICS)
8 and 10 pm
Cornelius Dufallo, Kinan Azmeh and Helga Davis
Cornelius Dufallo (violin) Kinan Azmeh (clarinet) Helga Davis (voice)

5/16 Friday (TY)
8 and 10 pm
Rinde Eckert
Rinde Eckert (performer)

5/17 Saturday (JI)
8 and 10 pm
Paola Prestini & Jeffrey Zeigler with Ian Rosenbaum and Andy Akiho
Paola Prestini (voice, composer) Jeffrey Zeigler (cello) Ian Rosenbaum, Andy Akiho

5/18 Sunday (SK)
8 pm
Daniel Felsenfeld
Daniel Felsenfeld (composer)

10 pm
Albert Behar, Calligramme
Albert Behar

MAY 20—25

5/20 Tuesday (ICS)
10 pm
Matana Roberts and Susie Ibarra
Matana Roberts (alto sax) Susie Ibarra
(drumset, percussion)

5/21 Wednesday (DDT)
8 pm
Ikue Mori and Susie Ibarra
Ikue Mori (electronics) Susie Ibarra (drumset, percussion)

10 pm
John King and Susie Ibarra
John King (electric guitar, viola, electronics) Susie Ibarra (drumset, percussion)

5/22 Thursday (HM)
8 pm
Susie Ibarra (drumset, percussion)
FOLKLORIKO is a musical portrait of a day in the life of a Filipino field worker—a kaleidoscopic suite in 11 parts that effortlessly moves from folk to classical, jazz and back again. Released on Tzadik Records in 2004.

10 pm
Mysteries of Nature
Susie Ibarra (drumset, percussion)
Quartet, trio and solo pieces for violin, piano, vibraphone and drumset/percussion.

5/23 Friday (SC)
8 pm
Electric Kulintang—War Horses with special guest poet Yusef Komunyakaa
Roberto Rodriguez (cajon, drumset, laptop electronics, programming) Susie Ibarra (kulintang, sarunay, drumset) Yusef Komunyakaa (poetry)
Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez’s electronic/percussion duet Electric Kulintang create acoustic and digital soundscapes that seamlessly connects urban and natural environments. They often collaborate with poets, visual artists, designers and a myriad of contemporary and Indigenous musicians creating a unique and diverse body of work.

10 pm
Electric Kulintang—Drum Codes, with special guests
Roberto Rodriguez (cajon, drumset, laptop electronics and programming) Susie Ibarra (kulintang, sarunay, drumset)
Drum Codes is a series of compositions by Ibarra and Rodriguez influenced by the systems of spoken language which are the basis for the melodic and rhythmic construction in Philippine kulintang gong music. Much like the talking drum, the Phillippine talking gong has informed and influenced the creation of kulintang gong music. Ibarra and Rodriguez pay reverence to the essence of these driving rhythms and hypnotic melodies using an electronic/acoustic aesthetic.

5/24 Saturday (HM)
8 pm
Evening of Percussion Music—These Trees That Speak, Mimesis, Fractals
Brian Chase (drums) Mantra Percussion
These Trees That Speak is an homage to the animistic spirits in trees and was inspired by Kurosawa’s 1990 film Dreams. Mimesis was commissioned and premiered at the Summer Ecstatic Music Festival 2013 and was inspired by Plato and Aristotle's definition of mimesis as “a representation/imitation of the perfection of nature.” Some of the Tam Tam rhythm cycles were created using the interlocking percussion styles of Indigenous Northern Philippine Kalinga music.

10 pm
Evening of Percussion Music—Excerpts from Circadian Rhythms
Mantra Percussion with Brian Chase (drums)

5/25 Sunday (KM)
8 pm
Screening of The Cotabato Sessions, a Music Film of Mindanao
The Cotabato Sessions is a film capturing the musical legacy of a family in Mindanao Philippines, and features kulintang gong music, kutyapi lute and its ritual practice.

10 pm
Susie Ibarra Solo
Susie Ibarra (drums, kulintang, percussion)
Ibarra ends her week long residency with a solo set of music for drumset, kulintang and percussion.

FLUX QUARTET presents the latest happenings in string music and special collaborations with some of the most interesting innovators in music today.

5/27 Tuesday (MJC)
8 pm
Tom Chiu solo
Tom Chiu (violin)

10 pm
Dueling Strings
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins)
Recent works for string duo.

5/28 Wednesday (RJP)
8 pm
Conrad Harris solo
Conrad Harris (violin)

10 pm
Max Mandel and Eric Huebner Duo
Max Mandel (viola) Eric Huebner (piano)

5/29 Thursday (ICS)
8 pm
Felix Fan solo
Felix Fan (cello)

10 pm
FLUX FORWARD with special guest Fast Forward
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins) Max Mandel (viola) Felix Fan (cello) Fast Forward (objects infinite and beyond)

5/30 Friday (SC)
8 pm
FLUXuations Part I: Downtown visionaries and today's new voices
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins) Max Mandel (viola) Felix Fan (cello)

10 pm
FLUX and Manned Drones with special guest David First
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins) Max Mandel (viola) Felix Fan (cello) David First (guitar, laptop)

5/31 Saturday (SK)
8 pm
FLUX and avant jazz with special guest Oliver Lake
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins) Max Mandel (viola) Felix Fan (cello) Oliver Lake (sax)

10 pm
FLUX goes electro-acoustic with special guest Michael Schumacher
Tom Chiu, Conrad Harris (violins) Max Mandel (viola) Felix Fan (cello) Michael Schumacher (laptop)


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