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May 2008 at the Stone 
curated by Ha-Yang Kim / Andrew Lampert

5/1 Thursday (MF)
8 pm
Victrola: music of Missy Mazzoli
Olivia De Prato (violin) Eileen Mack (clarinet) Lorna Krier (keyboards) Missy Mazzoli (keyboards) Eleonore Oppenheim (bass)
Composer/pianist Missy Mazzoli debuts her latest bandsemble, Victrola, which combines oceanic indie austerity with quirky minimalist grooves.

10 pm
The New York Miniaturist Ensemble
Erik Carlson (violin) Joshua Rubin (clarinet) Katharine Dain (soprano) Chris Gross (cello) Cory Smythe (piano)
The New York Miniaturist Ensemble will perform works of 100-notes or fewer by composers from around the world, including the premiere of Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Ten Most Important Words".

5/2 Friday (GG)
8 pm
Ben Perowsky and Sylvie Courvoisier
Ben Perowsky (drums) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano)

10 pm
Ha-Yang Kim
Anthony Coleman (piano) Ha-Yang Kim (cello) Jim Pugliese (drums)

5/3 Saturday (MW)
8 pm
Judith Berkson Solo
Judith Berkson (voice, piano wurlitzer)
Originals and lieder by Schubert and Schoenberg.

10 pm
Annie Gosfield and Roger Kleier
Annie Gosfield (sampling keyboard, piano) Roger Kleier (electric guitar)
Improvisations and compositions that leave the traditional piano/guitar duet twisting in the wind.

5/4 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Garden Party!
Margaret Lancaster (flutes) Corey Dargel (vocals)
Electro-acoustic works by Jacob TV (premiere), Dargel and others.

10 pm
Taylor Levine (guitar) Simon Kafka (guitar) Josh Lopes (guitar) James Moore (guitar)
Aided by a galaxy of stomp boxes and amplifiers, four electric guitars perform original works.

5/6 Tuesday (CB)
8 pm
Jim Staley
Jim Staley (trombone) and Guest
Ikue Mori will be joining Jim Staley.

10 pm
Ha-Yang Kim and Miya Masaoka
Ha-Yang Kim (cello) Miya Masaoka (koto)

5/7 Wednesday (GG)
8 pm
Elliott Sharp solo performance: "Octal"
Elliott Sharp (guitar)
A suite of E# compositions for the Saul Koll 8-string electroacoustic guitarbass.

10 pm
Conrad Harris
Conrad Harris (violin) Special guests "Blue Gene" Tyranny (piano) Gerry Hemingway (percussion)
Conrad Harris performs works by the Sonic Arts Union- Robert Ashley, David Behrman, Alvin Lucier, and Gordon Mumma. Special guests "Blue Gene" Tyranny and Gerry Hemingway.

5/8 Thursday (MF)
8 pm
Nathan Davis and Doug Perkins
Nathan Davis (percussion) Doug Perkins (percussion) Ha-Yang Kim (cello)
Double the percussion excitement in one set.

10 pm
Judith Berkson (keyboards, vocals) Brandon Seabrook (guitar) Jacob Garchik (tuba) Vinnie Sperrazza (drums)
Original, cantorial, metal. Plaztmachen is one Cantor and three musicians who take scales and words from Hebrew liturgy and turn them into hardcore effigies.

5/9 Friday (CW)
8 pm
Eyal Maoz Crazy Slavic Music Band
Eyal Maoz (guitar) Ron Caswell (tuba) Ziv Ravitz (drums)

10 pm
Ray Sweeten Improvisations for Oscilloscope and Piano
Ray Sweeten (laptop, oscilloscope, piano)

5/10 Saturday (AG)
8 pm
Michael Lowenstern with Todd Reynolds
Michael Lowenstern (bass clarinet) Todd Reynolds (violin)

10 pm
Todd Reynolds with Michael Lowenstern
Todd Reynolds (violin) Michael Lowenstern (bass clarinet)

5/11 Sunday (BG)
8 and 10pm
John Zorn Improv Night- A Stone Benefit
John Zorn (sax) Ha-Yang Kim (cello) Stefan Poetzsch (violin, electronics) and many special guests.
Come out and help support The Stone. TWENTY DOLLARS.

5/13 Tuesday (AG)
8 pm
Ha-Yang Kim and Stefan Poetzsch Duo with guests
Ha-Yang Kim (cello, electronics) Stefan Poetzsch (violin, viola, electronics) Marco Cappelli (guitar)
Special appearance from Germany! Stefan Poetzsch is one of the most innovative musicians in the experimental music scene in Germany. Joined by longtime collaborator Kim and other guests, they reunite for a special performance of intense unclassifiable music making.

10 pm
Marco Cappelli (guitar) Jessica Lurie (sax, clarinet, voice) Danijel Zezelj (painting)
The performance is built on the formal duality of music and painting: space to music, time to painting. Composed and improvised music rooted in energetic free jazz with influences from experimental, classical, blues, punk.

5/14 Wednesday (MF)
8 pm
Music of MC Maguire
Jenny Lin (piano) John Gzowski (guitar)
The evening will feature two major works by MC Maguire: "Short History of Lounge" (piano and CPU) - The title of this concerto is a reference to ‘A Brief History of the Universe’; only here the ‘equation’ is in the everyday, mundane, mathematical, profusion of real time. "Got that Crazy, Latin / Metal Feelin"’ (guitar and CPU) - A pedantic, shenkerian-like obsessive concerto with 7 faux 60's Brazilian tunes and a lot of heavy metal that subdivide a rigid 49 chord progression.

10 pm
Max Mandel
Max Mandel (viola)
Mandel, the violist of FLUX Quartet plays works by modern masters including Morton Feldman and Gyorgi Ligeti.

5/15 Thursday (SK)
8 pm
DownTown Ensemble presents Solo and ensemble works by Daniel Goode
Cornelius Dufallo (violin) Daniel Goode (clarinet, piano) Kamala Sankaram (soprano, accordion) Deborah Weisz (trombone)
Performing selections from Clarinet Songs and One Page Pieces by Daniel Goode.

10 pm
Tim Ziesmer 'Snafu'
Tim Ziesmer (guitar) Loren Stillman (alto sax) Bryan Drye (trombone) Nate Radley (electric bass) Ted Poor (drums)

5/16 Friday (NYYT)
8 pm
Film-Makers’ Cooperative Benefit Event!
SEAN by Ralph Arlyck, HOLIDAY MAGIC by Heather McAdams,
by Wim Vander Linden
A whirlwind hour-plus of long unseen gems, experimental eye-poppers and independent visions from The Film-Makers' Cooperative, NYC's long-living, fast-moving, artist friendly distribution center. Expect far-out images and cinematic wonders from the Coops' utterly brilliant collection of renegade films and filmmakers. Films include:

SEAN by Ralph Arlyck (1969, 16mm, 14 minutes) Wit and wisdom from a precocious pot smoking 4-year old. A documentary that is stranger than fiction.

HOLIDAY MAGIC by Heather McAdams (1985, 16mm, 7 minutes) ”Inspired by a record to help women with beauty problems. I tried dubbing the voice of the man on the record into the mouth of some fat dude in a Spanish laxative commercial I had laying around. Lots of bits and pieces of unusual footage are used to further illustrate how ridiculous things can get.” –H.M.

DOGGIE DINER AND THE RETURN OF DOGGIE DINER by Lenny Lipton (1969, 16mm, 7 minutes) ”I really don’t know what to say about this film.” – L.L. Lipton wrote the lyrics for PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON, wrote a column on independent film for THE BERKELEY BARB and today works in Hollywood on 3D films.

CONVERSATIONS IN LIMBO by Richard Preston (1967, 16mm, 7 minutes) Unrented since 1982, and only three times before that, this animation is a sharp political satire that is timely and as funny as ever.

NIGHTCLUB, MEMORIES OF HAVANA IN QUEENS by Silviana Goldsmith (1977, 16mm, 6 minutes) A night on the town with three heavily made-up Latin dancers who samba, merengue and cut loose to the wild afro-cuban rhythms.

FISHS EDDY by Esther Shatavsky (1978, 16mm, 6 minutes) A lost classic that you will soon cherish and ask to see one more time.

THE GENUINE SAD MOVIES: I LOVE YOU BECAUSE; TULIPS; RAPE by Wim Vander Linden (1966-67, 16mm, 17 minutes) At long last, the three saddest movies from this pioneer of Dutch experimental film, made with Fluxus cohort Wim T. Schippers (who, if you didn’t know, is the voice for the Dutch version of Ernie on their version of Sesame Street).

Five dollars.

10 pm
Film-Makers’ Coop Benefit Event featuring Greg Pierce and friends
Greg Pierce, Alfredo Leonardi's ORGANUM MULTIPLUM
The Coop Benefit continues with yet more films from the collection of NYC’s premiere distributor of avant-garde cinema. Specially imported guest Greg Pierce (Orgone Archive, Pittsburgh) joins the festivities with a selection of rare films from his sprawling collection. Expect some music movies, including Alfredo Leonardi’s documentary ORGANUM MULTIPLUM about electronic music pioneers MUSICA ELECTRONICA VIVA! Five dollars.

5/17 Saturday (SK)
8 pm
Steve Beresford (piano, electronics) Peter Evans (trumpet) Okkyung Lee (cello)
Live on tape, Beresford will pre-record his participation for tonight’s sensational trio meeting. Meanwhile, Evans and Lee will engage in a duo.

10 pm
Bruce McClure
Bruce McClure (film, sound)
The one, the only Bruce McClure will present a site-specific work for multiple projectors featuring his signature heavy sound and unearthly flicker. As much noise music as it is cinema, McClure’s unique work traverses all boundaries.

5/18 Sunday (CB)
8 pm
Public Opinion Laboratory presents: ALL MAGIC SANDS: Reel 1
16mm, silent, quasi-amateur and incomplete, this feature length oddity has something to do with a desert island, half-clothed blonde toddlers and tweens, this creepy Jesus-like guy and a donkey. Exceedingly strange and deeply surreal, a world of hidden wonders and multiple retakes. Five dollars or pay as you wish.

10 pm
Invisible Circle Crew
Diego Hadis (keyboards, effects) Justin Simon (guitar, keyboards) Michi Turner (percussion, keyboards) David Daniels (percussion) Hisham Bharoocha (from Soft Circle) Eric Tsai (from Invisible Conga People)
Here you have a meeting of minds between members of Soft Circle, Invisible Conga People and Crash Diet Crew. Be prepared.

5/20 Tuesday (JC)
8 pm
Jason Fulford
Jason Fulford (slides)
Jason Fulford presents slide projections with accompanying sound, recorded on location as the pictures were taken. Five Dollars

10 pm
Music: Messages + Natalie Rose LeBrecht
Jeff Perkins (slides) Taketo Shimada (sound)
ULTRALIFT, a new/old slide work by multi-media artist and filmmaker Jeff Perkins. Five dollars

5/21 Wednesday (MF)
8 pm
Raha Raissnia
Raha Raissnia (images and sound)
Raha Raissnia creates dense, shimmering layers of bricolage light in this dazzling slide/sound projection piece.

10 pm
Barry Weisblatt
Barry Weisblatt (electronics)
Solo action from a sound artist/improvisor who is well-versed in the world of electro-magnetic devices, solar technology, homemade and modified circuits for application in sound generation/manipulation, audio engineering and photography.

5/22 Thursday (JG)
8 pm
Lin Culbertson (analog synth, authoharp) Tom Surgal (drums, etc.) MV Carbon
Lin and Tom, a.k.a White Out, and MV Carbon, of Metalux among other projects, triangulate to take on a slew of tapes specifically recorded for tonight’s show by many of New Zealand’s top improvisers including: Chris Knox, Campbell Kneale , Rosy Parlane, Johannes Contag, Kieran Monaghan, Philip Dadson, Rachel Shearer, Greg Cairns, Ben Spiers, Mark Williams (The Idle Suite), Greg Malcolm, Cortina, Sam Hamilton, The Long Arm of the Law of Numbers and The New Zealand National Youth Choir. NOT TO BE MISSED. Five dollars.

10 pm
Lin Culbertson (analog synth, authoharp) Tom Surgal (drums, etc.) MV Carbon (cello)
A special show of tapes especially recorded for The Stone from very far away musicians, concocted with co-organizer Mark Williams. Live images courtesy Public Opinion Laboratory. Expect distinct and layered sounds from the likes of: Chris Knox, Campbell Kneale, Rosy Parlane, Johannes Contag, Kieran Monaghan, Philip Dadson, Rachel Shearer, Greg Cairns, Ben Spiers, Mark Williams (The Idle Suite), Greg Malcolm, Cortina, Sam Hamilton, The Long Arm of the Law of Numbers and The New Zealand National Youth Choir. NOT TO BE MISSED EITHER. Five dollars.

5/23 Friday (AG)
8 pm
Miguel Frasconi
Miguel Frasconi (glass instruments, electronics, keyboards)
Composer of bewitching, glistening sounds and subtly textured landscapes, tonight’s solo performance from Miguel Frasconi promises to wistful and blissful, a kiss on the cheek of the heavens.

10 pm
Brooke Sietinsons, Meara O'Reilly, Eric Carbonara, Bill Nace
Brooke Sietinsons (projections) Meara O'Reilly (tuned silver/horsehair) Bill Nace (prepared guitar)
A panorama of sounds from three astral travelers as well as kaleidoscopic visuals and retinal transformations courtesy of Brooke Sietsinsons, who selected this evening’s performers. Four 15 minute sets...with some overlap...for only...Five dollars!

5/24 Saturday (JG)
8 pm
Jeff Preiss and Zeena Parkins
Jeff Preiss (films) Zeena Parkins (harp, electronics)
Filmmaker, cinematographer and master of the 8mm format, Jeff Preiss presents rarely screened small gauge works from yesterday and beyond alongside musical collaborator and sound visionary Zeena Parkins.

10 pm
Saul Levine and Katt Hernandez
Saul Levine (films) Katt Hernandez (violin)
Hailing from Boston, Saul Levine is a widely acknowledged legend in experimental cinema circles. Tonight he continues his collaboration with Philadelphia-based violinist Katt Hernandez by showing double projections of his transfixing rapid-fire films.

5/25 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Peter Stampfel
Peter Stampfel (strings), Eli Smith (strings), Jeannie Scofield (strings)
The one and only Peter Stampfel holds forth with friends and stringed instruments for a wild set of swinging songs, mournful tunes and real toe-tappers.

10 pm
Rob Brown Ensemble
Rob Brown (sax) Craig Taborn (piano) Gerald Cleaver (drums) Todd Nicholson
A show to celebrate the CD release of CROWN TRUNK ROOT FUNK by the Rob Brown 4tet album out NOW on Aum Fidelity.

R. Nemo Hill presents Active Ingredients at the Stone
An evening of collaborative automatic and semi-automatic texts by Andre Breton, Philippe Soupault, Thomas Fucaloro, Bob Heman, R. Nemo Hill, & Jane Ormerod with guest readers Adriana Scopino, Michelle Slater, & John Marcus Powell.

5/27 Tuesday (IQ)
8 pm
Jay Sanders presents HOT GARBAGE and PIGEONS
Jay Sanders
In an evening that will surely slash and burn tastemaker Jay Sanders presents the firey sounds of HOT GARBAGE (Spencer Herbst & Phillippa Shao) and the song stylings of PIGEONS (Clark Griffin, Wednesday Knudsen & Carter Thornton). Two tastes that go great together.

10 pm
Jim O’Rourke
Jim O’Rourke (CD, mystery) Karen Waltuch (viola)
Jim O’Rourke will be heard live on tape from Japan, not in person, alongside musical ally Karen Waltuch, who will be with us this evening. Sent by special delivery expressly for this performance, Mr. O’Rourke beams in with a new composition for his former hometown.

5/28 Wednesday (AG)
8 pm
Steve Dalachisnky (poems) Yuko Otomo (poems) Stephanie Stone (piano)
Steve Dalachinsky (poems), Yuko Otomo (poems), Stephanie Stone (piano). A little bit of everything from this charming cadre of open-eared adventurers. Words and music, this and that, good times for all. Sliding scale of -10, best deal in town.

10 pm
Gerd Stern
Founder of the legendary USCO collective, multi-media pioneer Gerd Stern reads from “Into The Mind Fire”, a folder of eleven poems with handwriting and brushwork by Thea Herold. This is followed by a dramatic reading by actors from the opera libretto “Psyche And Delia" by Stern and Ed Rosenfeld, directed by Kate Temple West.

5/29 Thursday (JC)
8 pm
Francois Boue
Francois Boue (films) Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet)
Boue, an artist and Super 8 filmmaker with an exquisite eye for architecture, promises an evening of “West Texas locations”. Taylor Ho Bynum and his cornet joins us on the trip.

10 pm
Bradley Eros & Nastya 0: Black Screen
(aka: 13 ways of looking at a black screen)
Bradley Eros & Nastya 0 (black piano projections and white sound illuminations, slides, glass slides, film, film loops, sound, sound loops, records, record player)
"What the black of the shutter carves into the white of the screen"- Bradley Eros / "Cannibals starve in the white nights, such is the disaster: the night lacking darkness. Needle shines above revolving shadows. Hunger, desire: to employ whips and flashes." - Nastya O / ADMISSION FIVE DOLLARS

5/30 Friday (JG)
8 pm
David Bryant, Roger Tellier-Craig Karl Lemieux, Radwan Moumneh, Jonathan Parant, Alexandre St-Onge
David Bryant (guitar) Roger Tellier-Craig (guitar, keyboards) Karl Lemieux (film) Radwan Moumneh (guitar, organ, voice) Jonathan Parant (guitar), Alexandre St-Onge (bass)
Featuring musicians associated with Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Fly Pan Am and Set Fire To Flames. A scorching collaboration with expanded cinema wizard Karl Lemieux that combines live sound, looped images and lots of action.

10 pm
Sally Golding
Sally Golding (films)
An evening of multi-projector film performance and live color separations. Sure to be exquisite and never before seen on these shores. She’s the talk of the town down under. Sally also presents 2 nights of rarely-screened Australian avant-garde films at Anthology Film Archives on June 5th and 6th. Five Dollars

5/31 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Helena Espvall (cello, vocal, guitar) Tara Burke (vocals, casio, accordion,
Anahita is a duo meeting between Helena Espvall (cellist for Espers, The Valerie Project,Vashti Bunyan, Bert Jansch and others) and Tara Burke, otherwise known as Fursaxa. Prepare for something disarming and dreamy.

10 pm
Wu Fei
Wu Fei (guzheng)