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March 2007 at the Stone 
curated by Matthew Shipp

3/1 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Sabir Mateen and Hillard Greene
Sabir Mateen (reeds) Hillard Greene (bass)

10 pm
Connie Crothers and Henry Grimes
Connie Crothers (piano) Henry Grimes (bass)

3/2 Friday (OL)
8 and 10 pm
The Dom Minasi Trio
Dom Minasi (guitar) Ken Filiano (bass) Jackson Krall (drums)

3/3 Saturday (BLG)
8 pm
Matthew Shipp Trio
Matthew Shipp (piano) Joe Morris (bass) Whit Dickey (drums)

10 pm
Guillermo E. Brown's Cut Up Quintet
Guillermo E. Brown (drums, laptop) Will Johnson (samples) Cochemea Gastelum (reeds, electronics)
Shoko Nagai (piano, keyboards) Keith Witty (bass)

3/4 Sunday (MM)
1 pm
special guest Gerald Cleaver (drums)
The event will feature students and faculty from this new music program for high school and college students. CMW was created and is led by a partnership of five professional NYC jazz musicians: Bob Bowen, Brian Drye, Mike McGinnis, Jacob Sacks, and Khabu Doug Young. Launched in 2006, CMW is an innovative program, intended for serious students of creative music that focuses primarily on the creative process as it springs from the jazz tradition and the avant-garde. Students work and perform with the faculty, and a heavy emphasis is place on learning how to collaborate within ensembles of various sizes.

8 pm
Mike Bisio Birthday Bash
Mike Bisio (bass) Stephen Gauci (sax) Auran Fefer (sax) Jay Rosen (drums)

10 pm
Mike Bisio Birthday Bash
Mike Bisio (bass) William Parker (bass)

3/6 Tuesday (OL)
8 pm
Steve Dalachinsky
Steve Dalachinsky (poetry) Yuko Otomo (poetry) Stephanie Stone (piano)

10 pm
Amiri Baraka
Amiri Baraka (poetry)

3/7 Wednesday (KJ)
8 pm
Spring Sept
Amy Ouzoonian (poetry) Valmonte Sprout, The Mangina with Jonathan Ames and other special guests

10 pm
Yuko Fujiyama Quartet
Yuko Fujiyama (piano) Thomas Ulrich (cello) Esther Noh (violin) Reggie Nicholson (drums)

3/8 Thursday (PE)
8 pm
Denman Maroney Solo
Debman Maroney (piano)

10 pm
Sabir Mateen (reeds) Daniel Carter (reeds) Matt Heyner (bass) Tom Bruno (drums)

3/9 Friday (GG)
KALI. Z. Fasteau MileStone Birthday Bash: Flow Ensemble
Kali. Z (soprano sax, nai flute, piano, voice, mizmar, sanza) Matt LaVelle (bass clarinet, trumpet) Michael Wimberly (drums) Guests TBA

10 pm
KALI. Z. Fasteau MileStone Birthday Bash: Deep Sahara
Abdoulaye Alhassane (guitar, voice from Niger) Kali. Z (soprano sax, piano, nai) Tara Thierry (bass from New Orleans) JoJo Kuo (drums from Cameroon)

3/10 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Joe Morris Bass Trio
Peter Cancuree (tenor sax) Joe Morris (bass) Jason Nazary (drums)

10 pm
Joe Morris Trio
Joe Morris (guitar) Daniel Levin (cello) Michael Evans (drums)

3/11 Sunday (GG)
8 pm
David S. Ware Solo
David S. Ware (sax)
20 dollars

10 pm
Matthew Shipp and Guillermo E. Brown
Matthew Shipp (piano) Guillermo E. Brown (laptop)

3/13 Tuesday (JC)
8 pm
Gil Selinger and Evan Mazunik
Gil Selinger (cello) Evan Mazunik (piano)

10 pm
Charles Waters —New Songs
Charles Waters (clarinet)

3/14 Wednesday (KT)
8 pm
Whit Dickey Ensemble
Whit Dickey (drums) Daniel Levin (cello) Steve Lantner (piano) Nate Wooley (trumpet)

10 pm
Stephen Gauci Quartet
Stephen Gauci (tenor sax) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Ken Filiano (bass) Lou Grassi (drums)

3/15 Thursday (OL)
8 pm
Sabir Mateen's Shapes Textures and Sound Ensemble
Sabir Mateen (alto and tenor sax, flute, Bflat and alto clarinets) Matt Lavelle (trumpet, fluglehorn, cornet, bass clarinet) Steve Swell (trombone) Matthew Heyner (bass) Michael Ta Thompson (drums, percussion)

10 pm
Sabir Mateen Jubilee Ensemble
Joe Rigby (soprano and baritone sax) Darius Jones (alto sax) Ros Moshe (tenor ax and flutes) Sabir Mateen (tenor and alto sax, flute, Bflat and Aflat clarinets) Lewis Flip Barnes (trumpet) Matt Levelle (bass clarinet and cornet) Dick Griffin (trombone) Derek Washington (violin) M (vocals) Raymond A. King (piano) Jane Wang (bass, cello) Cliff Jackson (bass) Michael Wimberly (drums, percussion)

3/16 Friday (IM)
8 pm
Andrew Bemkey Duo
Andrew Bemkey (piano, bass clarinet)
Newman Taylor Baker (drums)

10 pm
Rob Brown Quartet
Rob Brown (alto sax) Steve Swell (trombone) Joe Morris (bass) Luther Gray (drums)

3/17 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Kham Jamal Trio
Kham Jamal (vibes) Yah Abdul Mazid (tenor sax) Fahir Kendall (bass) Dwight James (drums)

10 pm
Todd Nicholson Quartet
Todd Nicholson (bass) Gamiel Lyons (flute) Andrew Bemkey (piano, bass clarinet) Newman Taylor Baker(drums)

3/18 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Dominic Duval String Ensemble
Dominic Duval (bass) Thomas Ulrich (cello) Gregor Hubner (violin) special guest Yuko Fujiyama (piano)

10 pm
Soul Calling—cd release party
Dominic Duval (bass) Ivo Perelman (sax)

3/20 Tuesday (HHC)
8 pm
Robert Boston Quartet
Robert Boston (piano) Fredick Kennedy (drums) Thomas Helton (bass) April Koester (laptop, text)

10 pm
The Ras Ensemble
Ras Moshe (tenor) David Ross (guitar) Shayna Dulberger (bass) Rashid Bakr (drums)

3/21 Wednesday (OL)
8 pm
Vortex—Shoko Nagai/Satoshi Takeishi With Special Guest
Shoko Nagai (piano, prepared piano) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion, electronics)

10 pm
Sylvie Courvoisier Trio
Herb Robertson (trumpets) Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) Jackson Krall (drums)

3/22 Thursday (JK)
8 pm
Downtown Horns
Roy Campbell (trumpet) Daniel Carter (reeds, trumpet) Sabir Mateen (reeds)

10 pm
Mat Maneri Trio
Mat Maneri (viola) Andy Peterson (drums) John Hebert (bass)

3/23 Friday (SBTD)
8 pm
Daniel Levin Quartet
Daniel Levin (cello) Nate Wooley (trumpet) Matt Moran (vibes) Joe Morris (bass)

10 pm
Eye Contact
Matt Lavelle (trumpet, bass clarinet, cuica) Matt Heyner (bass) Ryan Sawyer (drums)

3/24 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Nabate Isles' Synergy
Nabate Isles (trumpet) Gamiel Lyons (flute) Matt Clohesy (bass) Jamire Williams (drums) Richard Padron (guitar) James Gordon Williams (piano)

10 pm
Nabate Isles Imagination
Nabate Isles (trumpet) Jamire Williams (drums) Lionel Loueke (guitar) Sam Barsh (keyboards)

3/25 Sunday (MM)
8 pm
Stone Benefit—Improv Night run by Sabir Mateen
Sabir Mateen (reeds) and many special guests
Come out and support The Stone!

10 pm
William Hooker
William Hooker (drums) Adam Lane (bass) Darius Jones (alto sax)

3/27 Tuesday (TK)
8 pm
New Forms and Sounds
Joe McPhee (sax) Clifton Hyde (electric guitars, processors, live electronics)

10 pm
Joe McPhee—S.E.X and Violins
Joe McPhee (sax, pocket trumpet) Dominic Duval (bass) Jay Rosen (drums) David Prentice (violin) Rosie Hertlein (violin)
Special Edition Trio X with special guests

3/28 Wednesday (GG)
8 pm
Eri Yamamoto Trio
Eri Yamamoto (piano) David Ambroso (bass) Ikuo Takeuchi (drums)

10 pm
Henry Grimes Ensemble
Henry Grimes (bass, violin) Amina Claudine Myers (piano, voice)
Henry Grimes: www.henrygrimes.com—Amina Claudine Myers: http://aacm-newyork.com/Biographies/A.%20C.%20Myers%20bio.html—TWENTY DOLLARS

3/29 Thursday (SB)
8 and 10 pm
Evan Ziporyn Ensemble
Evan Ziporyn (clarinet, bass clarinet) Robert Black (bass) Nathan Davis (percussion) Ha Yang Kim (cello)

3/30 Friday (CW)
8 pm
Roy Campbell (trumpet) Andrew Bemkey (piano) Chris Sullivan (bass) Micheal Thompson (drums)

10 pm
Other Dimensions in Music
other dimensions in music
Roy Campbell (trumpet) Daniel Carter (reeds) William Parker (bass) Rashid Bakr (drums)

3/31 Saturday (RK)
8 pm
Rob Brown Trio
Rob Brown (sax) Daniel Levin (cello) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)

10 pm
Mat Maneri Solo
Mat Maneri (viola)